Wednesday, October 22, 2014

[Choi Sulli 's]

Great styling for her btw.

We're studying the poet, e e cummings, in my AP Lit. class, more importantly we're discussing the meaning of his [Buffalo Bill 's] poem and I thought I could bend and twist it to suit Sulli's recent situations. And seeing as how she's returning from her hiatus (:D!) I thought this would be an interesting slap in the face to the people that have been "mean tweeting" her (as I put it.) I thought this would be a pretty cool experiment.

Choi Sulli 's

no longer on hiatus

                                 who used to
                                 ride in a big black and shiny

and cause onetwothreeforfive bonersjustlikethat


she's a pretty woman

and what I want to know now is

how do you like your bright smiling girl

Poem by suho_ftw
- - -

That's my modern take/version of the great [Buffalo Bill 's]. Feel free to make up your own version if you wish.

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