Friday, October 24, 2014

Celebrity Idol: Netizen Narrative Edition!

Hyeyeon is and idol and a celerity therefore she is relevant to this topic.

As stated in the previous article, in my lit. class we're studying e e cummings's [Buffalo Bill 's] poem, and also how we play apart in a celebrity's rise and fall, and also how our culture perpetuates these ideas. My English teacher also had us study the career of Brian Bosworth along with this interview he did. It got me thinking that being a celebrity is one big game of rise and fall, and k-pop idols are not excused from this big game. And yeah, I just compared a football player to a k-pop idol.

Look at SNSD for example from a netizen-fan point of view.  Back in 2007, you are a Korean netizen. You hear about some new SM group, Girls' Generation, is about to debut. You think it's cool. You generally like SM artists, since you like BoA and Super Junior, so this new group could be cool. But then something happens, you go on forums surrounding this group, and you see nothing but a bunch of bashing. You post a comment saying that you don't think they'll do too bad, but get a bunch of back-flash from a bunch of butthurt ELFs and VIPs and Wonderful's. You feel attacked and scared, you want to be trendy and cool not some stick in the judd sucker. So from that day on you hated this new netizen-bait group.

Fastforward a few months with their debut of "Into the New World." You like the song but you've spent so many countless hours over the past months bashing this group that you go on their video and leave a bunch of comments about why they suck. The next year, you attend the Dream Concert and even participate in Black Ocean-ing them.

But lets backtrack a bit, 2009 with a hit by the name of "Gee." A lot of the same netizens that hated SNSD two years ago, are now on the SONE train big time. Could it be because "Gee" is a good song? Sure. But it was more than likely because of all the hype that surrounded the song and SNSD themselves at the time, and since it was trendy to like SNSD, they liked SNSD so that they could feel apart of something. And now, so do you. You become a massive SONE and learn everything about SNSD, vote for their songs, and buy multiple albums so they can stand on top, and blindly defend them along with the other members of the SONE Army. 

2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013 come and fly by. Even though you may or may not like the songs, you still like them because you're a SONE and it's trendy for SONEs to like every song SNSD put out. Even if you disliked "I Got a Boy" you still liked it because they're SNSD and everything they do are perfect, and if you dislike one of their songs then you're not a real SONE. When T-ara were accused of bullying Hwayoung out of the group, you participated in bashing T-ara and calling them iljin sluts, and when Areum left, you bashed them about their consistent line-up changes and gloated on how SNSD still had all nine members. When EXO debuted, you first hated them because everyone was talking about how they were nothing compared to Super Junior and SHINee, but then once 2013 came around and it was trendy to like EXO, you became a EXOtic-soon-to-be-EXO-L.

Now it's September 2014, you enjoyed "Mr. Mr." and you've had TaeTiSeo's "Holler" on repeat. Even though it is trendy to dislike the song, and you even said you disliked it on forums, you enjoy the song a lot so when nobody is looking you make sure to blast the hell out of it because it's so damn catchy (A/N: Seriously, I can't believe people disliked that song! It's my jam!!!) Then you go on Twitter and see that damn near everyone is tweeting about Jessica leaving the group. You're crushed, and sad. You wonder how the other members are doing, you also what the forums are saying. It must be "fuck SM" right?


You go on forums and see everyone is hating Taeyeon and calling her a bully/iljin, and blaming her for Jessica's departure. You see that everyone is posting "evidence" of Taeyeon "mistreating" or "acting cold" or "bullying" Jessica, using the same logic as when T-ara "bullied" Hwayoung. Everyone is holding Taeyeon responsible for Jessica being kicked out of the group at ot9 becoming ot8. So what do you do? You crack your knuckles, bring up interviews, make gifs, and make up you're own "evidence" of Taeyeon hating Jessica while simultaneously going on her instagram and bashing her for kicking Jessica out of the group and taking your EXO bias.

Tell me about it Tae.

And that's the cycle of the Celebrity Game. People build these people up, rather they be idols, athletes, actresses, or political figures, just to tear them down in the long run. Instead of people being understanding of the people they look up to, they expect them to be perfect human beings and their BFFs. When in actuality, they are there to make you feel better through music, playing a sport, star in a movie, and *attempting* to make you're country a better place (referring the politicians here.) They're not yours to own, maybe if you just enjoyed what they put out and not focus so much on stuff that doesn't matter then when they made a mistake, you wouldn't feel as if it is the end of the world. Maybe if you didn't expect so much, then they wouldn't be so stressed out. And maybe if you thought with your own mind instead of following trends and what's cool to hate and what's cool to love, then you'd realize that celebrities and idols, are just people like you and me with a job. Nothing more and nothing less.

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