Tuesday, October 21, 2014

[Update] BTS's War Of Hormone MV

A superior version of "Boy in Luv" in my opinion. BTS haven't had a bad title track yet, however I always thought "Boy in Luv" was their worst [by default] title track seeing as I just liked it. I gave it a pass. It wasn't bad but it wasn't no "No More Dream", "N.O." or some of their good title tracks even. I'd say everything in the second verse I loved but everything else I just thought was above average.

However "Hormone War" or "War of Hormones" (whichever you prefer) basically takes the style of "Boy in Luv" and makes it even better. The videos better for one hand, with not as much opposite sex violence and a more playful nature instead of the creepiness of "Boy in Luv." Also I just overall like the sound more of this song as well and unlike other fans, who may find the lyrics riske, I find them kind of funny and it matches the ridiculousness of the MV, which is basically to glorify hormones. I as a teenager in the height of puberty can say, they captured this accurately enough look wise and the song has some jagged and rugged edges that matches the style.

Now, I own a physical copy of the Dark&Wild cd that this is from (the new one that dropped in August/September) so I've listened to this song plenty of time before. I really like it as stated above, so I can basically focus on the MV (and hotness of the members) without a trace of guilt.

Individual Members:

Namjoon: UNF.

Jin: Got like three shots, but in those shots, he's still great.

Yoongi: Great in this. The hat works well.

J-Hope: Hilarious. Awesome in the MV. 

Jimin: So animated! Seriously he was adorable in this. I love dem' suspenders.

Taehyung: The fucking reason to watch this MV. Seriously.

Jungkook: Ever since I claimed Jimin as my bias (Jungkook was my first but now he's #2 with RapMon being #3) he's been trying real hard to get back his #1 spot. Jimin is permanent however damn Jungkook. Damn. The cordi-noonas need a round of applause for this.

Hopefully this is BTS's last promotion for the year. Seriously Big Hit this is like their sixth comeback this year (counting Japanese promotions btw.) Not to mention all the reality and variety stuff they're doing. I know you want to get their names out there, but come one dude let them rest. We don't want any of the members leaving or getting sick. If Big Hit insist on making them do another cycle of promotions, have them do "Hip Hop Lover", or "Second Grade", or "Can You Please Turn Off Your Phone" (mostly that one.) Please don't do "Heaven" though. But overall I'm hoping that they're wrapping up promotions for this year. Hell, BTS have enough material out to last until 2016 from 2014 alone.

Only thing I wish for is a little more interaction with the girl, however what we get is still totally funny. However as for the MV itself, this is probably my favorite of their releases from 2014. Good concept, great styling, cool dance, awesome cinematography and filter being used. Also TAEHYUNG!!! OMG!!!

Booty had em' like ^

If you haven't guessed by now, I think Namjoon is all kinds of UNF!

The Greaser look works well with Jungkook.

Of course.

What was supposed to be intimidating is hilariously cute.

Sign me up for the "Worship Taehyung Committee" Seriously V fans, you need to watch this video.

I give the song 5/5 Tight Red Pants+Suspenders on Jimin (Seriously, I dig it! Going to go replay the shit out of this song!)

I give the video 5/5 Taehyungs. (Yep.)

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