Saturday, October 25, 2014

Accurate Favorites of 2013 List

Back when this blog was new and a big stupid hot-ass mess I did a "Favorites of 2013." If there is anything I have learned over the past year of blogging, is to never rush out an article. You say stuff, leave out stuff, and forget stuff. So in order to celebrate a first year of blogging and a lot of lessons learned, mentalities gained and mentalities left, I've decided to do a more accurate favorites list of 2013. Most of these songs I really enjoyed when they came out but forgot to put them on the list. This one will be more accurate and kind of an update. Some will be added and others will be taken off (although I don't dislike any that I took off.) I'll also be bumping this up to fifteen instead of ten because I know you'll love that, but I also kept the reviews down to one-two sentences. Also keep in mind artist like Zion.T and Lim Kim haven't made the list because I'm not sure if they're considered k-pop, otherwise they probably would dominate the list. These were the gems that were found in 2013's mash of bleh.

15. SHINee - "Everybody

Why doesn't this dub-step suck? Seriously why does it sound good? I don't know I just know that I love this song.

14. BoA - "Disturbance"

BoA knows how to make good music. Seriously this song is really smooth and easy on the ears making it really great. Taemin being her boytoy was nice too.

13. Ladies Code - "Hate You"

Very nice, creepy and soothing sounding song. It's just great!

12. BAP - "Hurricane" 

I liked all of BAP's releases of 2013. From "Rain Sound" to "Hurricane" I thought they were consistent  However, "Hurricane" takes the cake here.

11. Girl's Day - "Expectation"

This was a song I was most surprised I forgot to put on the list! I had "Expectation" looped for a month straight when it first came out!

10. 9Muses - "Glue"

9. T-ara - "Number 9"

This. Song. Rocks.

8. GLAM - "I Like That"/ IU - "The Red Shoes"

Only cheat on here! I swear!  Even though these are both completely different songs, I love them for similar reasons. Both are great party songs with great transitions.

7. KARA - "Damaged Lady"

Songs my jam. From start to finish it's great!

6. F(x) - "Rum Pum Pum Pum"

Most unique sounding song of 2013, and that's a really great thing. Percussion and string instruments being used bare are used greatly here, even if it's not the best song off of "Pink Tape" still not a bad choice at all.

5. Ladies' Code - "Pretty Pretty"

Vocal wank is so strong in this one. Too bad it's purely impossible to not totally love this song.

4. SHINee - "Dream Girl"

Originally "Everybody" had this place on the list, but I decided that "Dream Girl" was a better song. It's just so fun, happy and uplifting while also being a greatly solid track.  Also Onew's Thighs are especially nice here.

3. VIXX - "Voodoo Doll"

Just an amazing song with an amazing music video. Seriously, VIXX have a great concept going for them. 

2. Lee Jung Hyun - "V"

This originally took the #1 spot, however I discovered another certain group that we'll get to in a second that just took me by storm. But anyway I thought "V" was a great song last year, and I still love it this year. It's great from start to finish and perfect for when you want to get your party from "meh" to "HOLY FUCK THIS IS THE BEST PARTY OF MY WHOLE LIFE!"

So who took "V"'s Place?
Yup, that's right its:

1. Bangtan Boys - "No More Dream"

This is the song that I didn't know was so amazing until like February when I started caring about BTS. I should take a brick to the head for ignoring them. Seriously, I loved everything about this song within the first five seconds of it. Then I looked at the lyrics and loved it even more (if that were even possible.) Seriously when was the last time I heard a cello in rap music? Oh yeah the 90's back when rap music was good, beats were on point and lyrics actually mattered. Also the rappers for once in an idol group (yes I like Yongguk too, sue me!) don't make me cringe with laughable "rapping."  Not really anything to do with the song, but BTS being really hot is also a good plus.

Honroable Mentions: (Basically songs that would have made the list if it were extended)

9Muses - Dolls

Sunmi - 24Hours

BESTie - Love Options

T-ara - Do You Know Me?

BtoB - Thriller

G-Dragon - Crooked

EvoL - Get Up

MBLAQ - Smoky Girl

Crayon Pop - Bar Bar Bar

See ya!

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