Thursday, September 4, 2014

SHINee's Downtown Baby Teaser

Just because I've been staining the fuck out of BTS all year does not mean they've taken SHINee's #1 spot on my favorite groups list, oh no. BTS took Big Bang's spot as my 2nd favorite group. Nothing personal but they haven't really released nothing but solo work (not that I'm complaining) for two years and everything BTS have released has been pure awesomeness. 

Ugh ENOUGH BTS content! This is supposed to be about SHINee!!!

SHINee are returning to Japan with this song "Downtown Baby." While the song does have that typical jamming SHINee vibe to it, the video gives me B1A4 and B2ST feels. Also, why is SHINee coming back? Taemin just did a successful solo job and Onew is probably scrapping up the bottom of the barrel in terms of recovering from his throat surgery. I wouldn't have expected them to do anything until like December or next year. Don't get me wrong, I'm always up for more SHINee but I don't want anything wrong to go on during this comeback.

Of course, Onew's still hot:

Always in favor of more Onew, however I just hope he's back healthy first and foremost.

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