Tuesday, September 2, 2014

[Update] R.I.P EunB of Ladies Code and Their Driver (Unnamed)

No goofing off today readers, the recent death of an idol just happened it's from one of my favorite groups, Ladies Code. 

I've liked every single one of Ladies Code's releases and EunB was always my number two in the group after Sojung. She always stood out in the music videos to me, and she had a truly lovely voice that I am saddened to admit that the last of it I'll ever get is in "Kiss kiss." EunB, you will be missed greatly.

I send my condolences to the driver's family as well. He too passed away in the car accident. My love goes out to both of their families. They lost their lives at such a young age. This isn't fair, they both had the world to experience and it was just taken from them. Like that.

I also send my love and support to Sojung and Rise who are in critical condition and are still in surgery after seven hours. Let's hope they'll make it through just fine.


For more information click here. 

[UPDATE] It's Sojung's birthday. I feel even more bad, wish Sojung a happy birthday everyone, it will make her feel good.

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