Saturday, September 13, 2014

Myth Busted: Fanboy's Are the Only Ones Who Get Horny and Fap Over Their Favorite Idols? Nope.

It appears k-pop fans men and women everywhere think that fanboys are horny fappers that only like idols for looks and fangirls are sweet and innocent that like their oppa's purely for the music.

Oh how naive some can be.

Me and cha_cha aren't the only horny k-pop fangirls out there. I have proof. From under one video, and that's really all the proof I need.

Myth: Fangirls never fap/sexualize their favorite male idols.

Testing 3…2…1:

Disturbing but LOL.

Ikr. Sexiest bunny rabbit evar.
Upstaging Hyosung FTW!

I'm all for admiring someones sexiness. As Ajussi put's it, "Enjoying other peoples sexiness while they're being sexy is fine. Grow the fuck up." And I agree. Enjoying a person being sexy is perfectly fine. Which is why comments like this kind of make me cringe:

BTS is sexualized with out fans doing anything. Their company does it for the fans in some respects. Plenty of fangirls probably fapped to them being school boys in school uniforms during Boy in Luv, and ghetto hoodlums in No More Dream-We Are Bulletproof Pt.2 and so on and so forth. They're marketed that way, as all k-pop idols are marketed to look good. Yes, even Apink's company sexualize them to a certain degree. Fans finding these idols hot is just part of the package that comes with being a fan of k-pop.

Also, I'm pretty sure 99% of the people in those comments like BTS for the music. Just because I find Jimin sexy as fuck doesn't mean I'm taking away the fact that he's adorable or a good singer or the fact that he comes from a group with great music. You can have your cake and eat it too. It's okay.

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