Saturday, September 27, 2014

[MV Review] Ailee - "Don't Touch Me"

Ailee's return to the scene is soulful, uplifting, stylish, and down right stellar.

I've been a long term fan of Ailee, and who can honestly blame me? Girl has pipes, beauty, and some good songs to go behind it. 

Now is this Ailee's best song? No, "I'll Show You" takes that honor. However this is most definitely, one of her best. I like this even more than "U&I." What do I like about this song? The classic sort of old school big band-y feel of it, along with some wicked piano and a great, strong melody. It's perfect for a large amount of replays, and it's something that I can stomp my feet, clap my hands and sing a long to. Something that is a major plus for me in songs.

Another thing I like about this song? Of course the vocals are a plus (I'm the bottom barrel of a vocalfag btw.) She keeps her vocals a bit toned down (for Ailee standards) in this however I think that plays to the songs strengths vs. her over-singing to try to prove something we already know. The chorus is great and she belts in just the right places without the belts overstaying their welcome. 

As for the music video, the fashion stands out the most for me. Ailee wears some bomb clothes throughout the whole video which is very noteworthy. Aside from the clear piano, cool and interesting sets and set changes, and some nice choreography that's about it, but since Ailee is sort of all about the vocals, you don't really need much than her in some great clothes and doing a cute dance to suffice. Seriously give me those clothes.

I give this song 5/5 Super Hair-flips.
I give this MV 4/5 Great Fashion Choices.

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