Monday, September 1, 2014

[Mini Review] SPICA - "I Did It"

*This review is long overdue, therefore it will be short and to the case.*

Contrary to popular opinion, I think SPICA did an amazing job with this song.

What do I like about the song? Everything. Right down to catchy melody using the old styled horns, to the inspirational backing in the chorus, to the overall replayable-ness of the song. The lyrics are not that cringe-worthy to me. In fact, I find them better than most lyrics in American pop music *Cough Cough* Anaconda *Cough.* And it's just about having fun. You know, what k-pop used to be all about? FUN. But the fans are too busy complaining about the humorous penises in EXID's new video to give a shit about SPICA or having fun, so go figure. This is probably my favorite K-pop American debut song.

This release falls flat with the music video. It's pretty boring with the only interesting parts being their fashion choices (which I liked) and the fact that all of the SPICA members looked fantastic in the music video. But other than that, it looks like it was shot in under three hours, but consider how long it usually takes k-pop videos to get wrapped up I'd say that three hours isn't a bad thing.

I give the song 5/5 Black&White Stripes.

I give the music video 3/5 Eye-catching Accessories (Seriously, they're in there.)

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