Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Having a Bitch Face if You're Female is a Big No-No to Netizens+Tru K-Pop YouTube Comments #7 - Netizen's Believe in Double Standards…Yeah I Know, SHOCKING!

AOA have been great this year. I loved "Miniskirt" and I've been replaying their latest release "Short Hair" for a while now. However in a recent radio live of Short Hair, member Chanmi was seen "glaring" at Choa and netizens feel the need to criticize her attitude, singing, behavior, and even weight.

Relevant part @3:10.

Now of course not every single netizen there was bullying Chanmi. However the majority, were. But as usual, the collective is stupid and the individual is smart. You should know I think bitch face is hot on both males and females.

Everything about this can be summed up in this YouTube commenter by the name of iluvkpopmusicful:

And he/she is 100% right. Netizens love it when Kris, Key, Sehun or [insert male idol with an extreme case of shade face here] it's hot and cool, but when Jessica, Krystal, Jiyeon or [insert female idol with extreme case of shade face here] then they think it's disgusting and not "lady like." 

Anyone who thinks like this deserves a giant queef in the face. 

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