Saturday, September 6, 2014

GLAM's Dahee and model friend Lee Ji Yeon are Going to Jail for Blackmailing Lee Byung Hyun

Enjoy a GLAM song while you still can.

It appears no company will get as much individual attention as Big Hit Entertainment from us this year.

What makes me upset is that I really liked GLAM. "I Like That" is great and "Infront of the Mirror" was awesome as well. I was waiting for Big Hit to give them a 2014 comeback since they were doing well for a nugu group in 2013 especially with the fact that they had two great songs and a B-Girl. 

But um, if they were going to have a comeback this year then it might get postponed because  GLAM member Dahee could be facing five or more years in prison for blackmailing the actor Lee Byung Hyun. 

Talk about thug life…

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