Monday, September 1, 2014

BTS Fans Get Sexist, Racist, and Stupid

On a recent episode of BTS American Hustle Life (I swear to God I'm not making this up) they had Warren G direct an L.A. Version of their song "Boy in Luv." You know that creepy music video that had BTS slamming girls against lockers and shoving and pushing her around, then taking her into a room which is like, every JAV's ever plot. However this doesn't showcase creepiness or violence, in fact they barely even touch the women. However for obvious reasons, stupid fans feel the need to bitch and moan because kpop fans love to bitch and moan. It is their favorite pass time.

LOL. Excellent! 

For those of you BTS fans who didn't blindly bash the video, this post isn't for you, however for those of you who did keep reading. 

Some people are complaining that the women look old. Okay? And I'm pretty sure they were in their 20's (middle aged video vixens are kind of rare.) Bangtan look young. No seriously, Hobi looks like a twelve year old with no makeup on.

Some people are complaining that the women are black. Yeah, I don't even have to write anything here do I?

Some people are complaining about the lack of clothing. Outside from the bikini's, they aren't wearing anything more shorter or more revealing that what the average k-pop girl group wears. Especially in this recent year you dumb fuck. You're just mad because they're around your "oppa" as if they're actually on a date on something. 

Other people are complaining that the video is "over-sexualizing." If you're speaking on Jungkook's half, maybe. But everyone else is pretty much grown and can do whatever the fuck they want to. Like I said, they don't even touch the women that much, maybe put an arm around them. RapMon trolls a girl with grapes for Christ's sake! 

But you know, fans will defend Kai for saying n*gga and Seungri for making racial slurs however when a group comes around and does something that actually has them interacting with a different race in a decent way it's "wrong" and "sickening" and "shameful." Seriously how much more full of shit can you people get? Am I being biased? No. A girl group could (and they have) done something similar and I would have the same reaction. Same for just any group in general.

In my opinion it's hilariously awkward however the highlight of this entire music video has to be Taehyung's shoulders:


Jin's legs were nice too.

My only complaint: Dress Bangtan down. Seriously, they were dressed like it was the middle of fall, not the blazing hot L.A. summer. I'm surprised none of them passed out on set. So yeah, remove some of those layers of clothing before one of them has a heat stroke.

Now if you're like me then you have a habit to read YouTube comments. If you're also like me, then you get depressed and loose brain cells from reading YouTube comments. Here's your treat:

Let Xiumin, Suho, Baekhyun, Chen, and Tao help un-depress and clean your eyes out after reading such cringeworthy comments.

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