Sunday, August 24, 2014

South Korea Vs. Chicago Little League World Series

It was announced a few moments ago that South Korea won the Little League World Series (I'm over my grandmothers my charger still hasn't arrived.) They were up against my hometown, Chicago. While some of you may think I'm some Koreaboo that was rooting for Korea, well you're wrong I was rooting for Chicago 100% but congratulations to South Korea. I'm just happy my city was able to at least compete in the world series or at least do SOMETHING positive. Seriously, Chicago, Florida, and Missouri are like the laughing stocks of the USA because we're the mentally ill states. When the players come back to Chicago, pretty sure there well be a parade or something. If anything the boys are set for life because stuff like this is pretty rare, especially out of my race of people who beat out the entire countries baseball teams in order to get to play South Korea. I know a lot of kpop fans (more specifically Koreaboos) may be conflicted about who they feel should win, but my alliance was always with Chicago from day one. At least I have a reason to like the team (1. They're from my same city, 2. They're from the same side of the city, and 3. They're great players.) Vs. the Koreaboos who just rooted for South Korea because "it's South Korea and everything from South Korea is perfect and wonderful." In all honesty I wish both teams the best and I'm just happy they were able to make it this far.

My charger has not arrived, and yes there will be a thousand post when the charger arrives. 

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