Sunday, August 31, 2014

[MV Review] Stellar - "Mask"

Stellar come back with a much better song a video. In fact, it's one my top favorite songs of the year. How about that?

I will be completely honest with you, I thought the "Marionette" song was just okay. I didn't think it was a bad song, but it was just okay. I know most people hated the video but loved the song. I honestly liked the video more because at least I could make fun of the hilarious butt dances (which have now been out-shined by 4L's "Trying to Get Up Off the Gym Floor But Can't Because My Socks are Too Slippery So it Looks Like I'm Thrusting My Crotch At the Air" dance. However the actual song wasn't terrible but just okay.

However this song and video, are both pure gold. I'm talking Girl's Day "Something" gold. Take it like this, there is Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. The benchmark for Platinum will be F(x) Red Light. The benchmark for Gold will be Girl's Day's "Something", the benchmark for Silver will be VIXX's "Eternity" and the benchmark for Bronze will be SISTAR's "Touch My Body." I'd say 2-3 silvers make my top 10 list, the rest all goes to potential golds and platinums. This song is amazing.

This girl gave me so much life during the MV. If you know the members, please tell me who's who.

"Mask" takes the average slow and sexy song and add a new twist with dream like elements and soft whisper vocals, similar to that of Sunmi's. It adds electric guitar tunes and some instruments that reminded me of the ones used in Nine Muses "Glue" which is a great song. The vocals become stronger in the chorus and then become whispers once again in the versus. I like it and I think it suits the song greatly. The rap is mercifully short seeing as too much rapping would have downgraded the song a bit for me, and I really love how the beat slightly changes during the bridge. Like "Something" I've listened to it too many times to even count. On another note, this song gives me the same vibe as Vanessa Daou's "Two to Tango" which I'm just throwing out there because I love that song as well. The song is just so dreamy and sexy and damn near perfect. 

The music video doesn't have the humorous dance moves of "Marionette" unless you count the body wave wipe move, which I don't really consider funny, I actually found that sexy. However it has some symbolism that I can't really see besides some scenes with the torch. It's all very bizarre and the music video is very dreamlike, but I think that's the point since the point of this is "Dreamy Sexy." The music video does very much feel like a dream especially with the great cinematography. However just because something is bizarre doesn't equivocate to a dream. I can't really draw any symbolism there however the mv has some effort in there and I'm just happy to see that. I love those long skirted outfits with the short sleeved top, I thought those were to die for.

Like a transparent version of the "Something" dresses.

I give this song 5/5 Torches.

I give the music video 4/5 Couches ( I really love the filters used in this.)

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