Friday, August 1, 2014

[MV Review] Red Velvet - "Happiness"

Yes I am an F(x) stan, and yes I love this song.

Red Velvet are a breath of fresh air in the greatest of ways. Literally. 

First off this song is so fresh and upbeat, I don't see how someone can hate it. This debut was really awesome in my opinion. On top of that, it's using (from what I hear mind you) reggae, samba, more Caribbean beats and I'm a HUGE fan of that type of music. Seeing as my family is fond of that music and I have some relatives from the Caribbean as well.


 Reggae and K-pop seem to go well together. Whenever the two has mixed, I find it to be an outstanding combination that is almost impossible to dislike. K-pop has been very one note with the only breaths of fresh air in this collapse of sexy and hip-hop being F(x) and Red Velvet for girl groups and Topp Dogg and Block B for boy groups. I'm not complaining because it's a vast improvement from 2013, however I'm just glad to see some groups still have ovaries and are spicing it up and keeping it fresh with their image and music. F(x) fans, we shouldn't be hating on Red Velvet, we should be right their WITH Red Velvet because of their unique image and interesting song.


The only problem I really have with the song is the bridge, I felt like it was slightly out of place for the rest of the song but that's a minor complaint. Also, it felt as if the song was dragging out (AKA overstaying it's welcome.) I feel as if they trimmed it down a little then it would have been a bit stronger but after listening to it a couple of times then I may get used to the way it flows (I've listened to it three times btw.)


As for the video, I like it a lot. However, it feels like Nick Jr. meets a Hippie On Acid. Very intricate, colorful, and very pretty. Especially with all of the tropical settings and such and the editing is very crisp and cool looking. I fucking love their hair, it will be easy to learn the members once their names are released. Very smart marketing SM. Their clothing is bizarre (like F(x)'s in their early days) however it's nothing that will make me scratch my head too hard.

Seulgi (Bias) 

Now while I do SM kicked themselves in the balls with debuting them right after F(x) promotions, I don't think this group deserves hate and I think they should be given a chance. Especially with this kick ass song and video.

I give this song 5/5 Beautiful Parrots.

I give the video 5/5 Talking Perfume Bottles.

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