Sunday, August 31, 2014

[MV Review] Orange Caramel - "MY COPYCAT"

Can you honestly go wrong with an OC song and video? I'm talking strictly Korean releases btw.

You guy's know I'm a big OC fan, and whenever they have those horns incorporated into their songs like in"Lipstick", "So Sorry", and "Abing Abing"accompanied by a fast moving backtrack with some layers and some cute vocals to go along with it, let's just face it I'm a sucker for it.

This has been a great year for OC releasing the addictive "Catallena", fabulous "Abing Abing", and now the excellent "My Copycat" I can say OC are a sure win for Artist of the Year, and they would be my artist of the year if F(x) hadn't released "Red Light" with a great album to pair up with an amazing song. This however is one of my favorites of the year, then again all OC songs have.

With the last third-and a half of the year coming up, hopefully OC can release a full length album with all of their hits and some more great and new songs like they did with "Lipstick." Who know's maybe they'll make a mini-comeback or just a digital release. I honestly don't care, they've done so much this year and it's already September (best month of the year) but it makes sense for them to do that.

Of course the music video is perfect and it is just like a video game version of those "Where's Waldo/Wanda/Whoever" books from a kid and enjoyed the nostalgia and fun of the music vide . It was like a game and I really enjoyed it and of course all of the members looked great. This and Catallena have been some of my favorite MV's of the year.

OC trolling sexy concepts LOL.

For all of answers click here! 

I give this song 5/5 Blue Jean Skirt Jumpers (Seriously I want them!)

I give this mv 5/5 Nuns.

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