Sunday, August 31, 2014

[MV Review] KARA - "Mama Mia!"

It's time to be AMAZING!

Believe it or not, I'm a huge Kamilla. I love KARA to death for their unique sound that is great and perfectly executed. Seriously, I still replay "Pandora", "Damaged Lady", "Lupin", "Mister" and so on even today.

Han Seungyeon <3

How much more can I say that this song is truly great amazing? Duble Sidekick played to Kara's strength by keeping their unique sound and melodies while changing it up a bit. You can tell it wasn't made by Sweetune, but you can most definitely tell it was made by Kara. There's something about Duble Sidekick that has his distinctive sound that I can't put my finger on.

Hara biased :D

This song has elements of the 80's all over the place. Fingerprints everywhere (maybe that's his trademark because I heard it in Hyosungs "Goodnight Kiss" as well.) From the little guitar chunks, to the synthesizer sprinkles, right down to the "Never Gonna Give You Up!" drums that you hear during the chorus. It's just a great and incredibly peppy song and Kara sing and dance their heart yes. The chorus is my favorite part of the song. I love the whole "Party, Party, PARTY MAMA MIA!" part however the versus are far from boring. In fact I think the versus are as interesting as the chorus. The bridge is cool sounding as well. In all honesty the song never fails to strike gold from the very first note.

You will do well, Youngji. You've been working hard!

The music video is pretty. Kara are pretty. The sets are pretty. Their hair is pretty. Their makeup is pretty. But that's really it. It's Kara, what do you expect? An Orange Caramel style MV with lots of interesting sets (okay the beginning one was pretty dope), style changes and a meaning? Kara themselves are the interesting part of the music video and it all owes to their stellar styling and great choreography. Seriously the choreography is hype and full of energy like the song and that along with the gorgeous dresses are the highlight of this mv (outside of the members of course.) Also the end of the party scene with all of the sparklers and hair streaks was cool too. But yeah the rest of the MV is just close up shots of the members doing basic stuff not worth mentioning however it's not terrible by any means just a bit uninteresting. Outside from the choreography and those dresses. Those are worth mentioning like I said.

Gyuri looks like a queen in everything!

And in case you're wondering, yes I support Youngji. 

I give the song 5/5 Page Lost Books.

I give the mv 3.75/5 Hair Flips.


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