Sunday, August 31, 2014

[MV Review] EXID - "UP & DOWN"… On Penis :)

Kissing the penis.

Handjobbing the Penis.

I really don't have to write anything do I??? Oh yeah I do, Penis!

Stroking ever so gently…On the penis.

Banana fully out of it's peel = Fully erect Penis.

EXID is one of my favorite groups and Hani is one of my ultimate favorite idols. This song is
great! Right up there with Kara's "Mama Mia" and I've been replaying it all day. EXID just beat out 4L for the most humorous music video of 2014. The sexual innuendo's in this are hilarious and brilliant in my opinion. However, the comments underneath the video along with Bangtan's L.A. version of "Boy in Luv" cemented my hatred/deep disliking for kpop fans (in general not everyone.) Seriously, I know kids who have done worse on a Lite-Brites as kids. You know these:

Anything childishly perverted went on the Lite-Brite. Don't even try to deny it.

Either way the music video matches the lyrics, a song about a disconnected relationship. So if you can get passed the relationship you'll see that a lot of the objects in the music video are in fact disconnected and are partnered with objects that they don't belong with. A+ for EXID. Great song, hilariously great music video.


I think I've found my new icon pic:

It's everything an icon should be and more. Just like my now old one of Joon.

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