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[MV Review] BTS - "Danger"

Short Disclaimer:
I tried my hardest screen shooting the shit out of this MV however they're all terrible and the camera only stays on one member in a decent angle for 0.00000001 seconds. So no screen shots, however this review is very late so if you want to spazz at certain moments of the music video, I'm sure tumblr has plenty. That's where I'll be going to after I review this anyway as I replay the fuck out of this amazing as fuck song. Plus who can screen shoot Bangtan when you're too busy spazzing over how hot they are anyway? Yeah fanboys fangirls fap too.

I will be 100% honest with you and say that majority of 2014 boy group releases have been extremely lack-luster in my opinion, and I love boy groups a lot. However BTS has remained excellent (along with Got7, History, and VIXX.) With "Boy in Luv" which grew on me like the plague, "One More Day" which is still excellent, their Japanese stuff which was hit and miss for me and now "Danger" easily the best boy group song of the year so far. And yes, August is beyond the half-of-the year mark. It can only go good or bad for boy groups.

What I like about Danger is the absolute power and agression that used to come from B.A.P back not so long ago with "Warrior"-"Badman." And while I do still like "Where Are You? What Are You Doing?" it's no "Badman", "One Shot", or "No Mercy." THIS is what I want out of B.A.P's next comeback. A song that makes me want to get up and dance all over the place/and or kick some ass. It kind of sounds like something out of a dance flick only less obnoxious (i.e. High School Musical.) The song goes right into badass territory and never looses it's punch throughout the song.

I only have one complaint about the song, between the chorus and verses their is a slow R&B breakdown with Jin singing softly. It just kind of felt out of the left-field and randomly shoe-horned in to get the song to go past two-minutes without having to add a proper bridge. However after listening to it a second or third time, it fits the song greatly and let's face it, I'd rather have an R&B breakdown in a hip-hop song vs. a dubstep breakdown in a hip-hop (well any song for that matter.) Any. Fucking. Day.

One of the many things I love about this song is the fact that Jungkook's rap is 1000% better than the one is "Boy in Luv." I'm just going to leave it at that. 

As for the music video, it's better than "Boy in Luv" which was creepy and gave off slave vibes. But the song matches the MV somewhat. The lyrics are "Gimmie Danger!" and they do some "dangerous" stuff in this music video. Stuff that elevates quite quickly by the end. Allow me to go through:

Beginning of the music video:
Jin - Walks in a room
Suga - Plays basketball
Rap Monster - Writes on a pallet
Jimin - Punches punching bag (quite good)
V - Dramatically places his head on a mirror with really long and wet hair
Jungkook - Plays a soothing song on a broke ass piano

By the end of the music video:
Jin - Lights chairs on fire
Suga - Throws basketball through a window
J-Hope - Punches a mirror (I think)
Rap Monster - Tattoos himself
Jimin - Punches the shit (literally) out of the punching bag
V - Dramatically cuts his hair
Jungkook - Smashes the piano into bits with a bat

Talk about being bored with your life...

All the members minus V succeeded in their "danger." Actually I take that back, cutting your hair on your own can be quite dangerous especially if you don't know what the hell you're doing. You could end up looking lopsided. V, you are a brave soul.

Style wise everyone looks great which is good because V used to get trolled a lot in styling. They always put excessive amounts of eyeliner on him, which just doesn't suit his already intense eyes. They toned it down a lot here. Jin looks good although it's hard to go wrong with Jin, and I like his purple hair. Rap Monster is hot. Hell, Namjoon's always hot. Jungkook looks amazing, I haven't seen styling this good sense "N.O." Didn't like Suga's hair however with the hat it looks fine. Yes, he still reminds me of my dad. J-Hope looks his best here. Seriously wow O_O. Jimin is hot like always but he's hottest in the punching scenes because *drools.* Yeah in case you haven't noticed my bias is Jimin...

The dance has a lot of footwork and hype in it, so you know I like it. BTS killed it, and I think Rap Monster's transformation to Dance Monster is almost complete. The hip-thrusting for once was slightly less-awkward. 

I give the song 5/5 Destroyed Punching Bags. (Seriously, best boy group song of the year by far.)

I give the video adjkdefneogaf/5 Sexy Hot Hot Hot Boys. 

Sorry suho_ftw cannot review this properly. Just doc some half-points for lame attempts or something. I don't care. *Spazz.*

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