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[MV Review] 4L(Four Ladies) - "Move" (UPDATED)

One, no review is totally objective because everyone is biased no matter how hard you try to play fair. You can only be objective so much. But I try to be as objective as I can with my reviews because I like playing fair.

I'm sure some fangirls and fanboys will disagree with me on some things in the video. But that's just too fucking bad isn't it? If you want a totally positive review have a guy who's into this sort of thing or a lesbian review it. Or better yet, create your own blog and THEN review it yourself. Or talk about how much my review sucks if you really want to because I really don't give a shit at this point. Then you can have people tell you what you should write and how you should think and blah blah blah. Then I can officially say welcome to the world of  K-pop Social Justice Warrior Hell. 

This is just my general opinion and it only matters the world to you if YOU make it matter a lot. Besides I praise certain parts of this release and take a massive dump on other aspects of it. And their not the ones you think I will take a massive dump on. So now that you've got your popcorn and/or bricks ready,  without further ado let's get on with this review shall we?

Short Review: Good song, funny video. If you want more details read more.

To start off, I was really loving the song a lot until the rap break. That was fucking cringe-worthy and terrible. It reminds me a lot of Ga-In's "Irreversible" with the accordion and sultry vibe of the song. But I still prefer Ga-In's song over "Move." Don't get me wrong, "Move" isn't terrible by any stretch and if it didn't have that suicide inducing rap break then I would probably like the song a whole lot more. However, the rap break still exist. Seriously, I'm usually lenient on idols who rap because I know that 97% of the time it's not their fault that they're given the raps they have to do, however when this song was going through the final promotion no one stopped and said:

"Hey you know that shitty as fuck rap session that nobody will probably like and ruins an otherwise great song? Yeah, shouldn't we remove that?" 

But I guess not. The rap is just bad. And not bad meaning good. But bad meaning very very bad. And don't say "IF YOUR OPPARS DID IT THEN YOU'D LOVE IT!" No, if my "oppars" did it then I would still say it sucks ass, there is NO getting around the fact that this rap is bad. Not matter who does it.

Okay, so outside of the rap did anything ELSE ruin the song for me? No. In fact I think the rest of the song is great and has a very smooth and sexy vibe similar to that of Ga-In's earlier work as I stated in the beginning of the article. It has a French-ish style and I love that. However as I've said I. Can't. Get. Over. That. Rap. Seriously whenever it comes on my face cringes. I'm sorry you didn't that correctly MY FACE FUCKING CRINGES. But other than the song it's still good.

So how does the music video hold up? It has good parts and funny parts. Some of it is very sexy and I liked it, and other parts had me laughing my ass off. Other parts I… Oh who am I kidding I was laughing throughout the whole video. 

To get this off of my chest, while I support and tolerate girl groups who want to use really sexed up concepts, does not mean that I "totes fucking love" those particular concepts. I like and support 4L and I hope they go far, however that does not mean that I love this video. However it depends on how I look at the video.

From a comedic point of view it's fucking hilarious. The choreography is still so ironically hilarious that I still laughed my ass off to the point it took me ten minutes to calm down for this review.

From a satirical point of view it's excellent. 4L could in fact be satirizing sexy concepts. I mean come on, it's very plausible. I'm sure none of the girls thought that THAT dancing was hot when practicing. Either that or they're just trying to get attention I honestly can't really give a fuck until the company states something about what they're doing. But yeah, they could just be making fun of all the sexy concepts this year and to the most controversial sexy mv this year: Stellar's "Marionette" which could have been a satire as well because I LOLed at that mv too. 

So if 4L are doing a satirical or comedic video then 5/5 because I laughed and can see where they're going. However I can't honestly say this because it's not exacted.

However, it's not obvious what they're trying to do with this MVs (most MV's are pretty obvious) and the only one that I can be more sure about IS the sexual concept of the video so it would be pretty stupid of me to look at it from any other angels at this point.

And yes before you go "IF YOUR OPPARS DID THESE DANCES THEN YOU'D LOVE IT!" Which is a big fat mega N-O. I rarely find grinding the air hot. And I mean rare. Rare as in there are some exceptions. And if I did, so what? Guy's rip on boy groups all the time anyway for catering to fangirls. If girl groups want to cater to their fanboys, I don't give a fuck (but that can't be said for some other fangirls. But then again a fanboy can be just as delusional and crazed as any fangirl and if you don't believe that then you're delusional yourself.) But then again this is just my personal opinion and I don't have to find air-grinding hot in order to like and support these girls. Whenever boy groups hump the air any other shit I always find it ridiculous and funny. 

So overall I think this was a solid debut. They got what they wanted which was attention so all power to them. By the way, that dislike ratio on YouTube is ridiculous. 

Sense so many people dislike this video I'm bumping it up. Honestly their is nothing horribly wrong with this video. Come on people, it's hilarious!!! And while it does have that "Extreme Stellar's Marionette" thing going for it. I honestly think it's not doing any harm.

I give the song a 3.55/5 Slippery Sit Ups. Take the rap out and it easily becomes a 4-5/5.

I give the video a 5/5 Melted Lipsitcks (Seriously, I can't stop laughing.)

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