Saturday, August 2, 2014

Like it Or Not Your Someones Reason to Fap

Hey Cha_Cha here! As you guy's know, I've been on vacation and I won't be back for a few more days so as normal this will be short. I've noticed that suho_ftw has been posting like a mad-woman so all of our readers (well…reader. Maybe 2 or 3.) must be ecstatic however, it appears that some people aren't that excited, and for a different reason:

Knowing me, I'll probably practice this dance to try and seduce my crush. Wish me luck.

Anyway, I can't really see all of the hate the group is getting. Sure it's as comical and confusing as Stellar's other video however we should be used to this type of stuff by now. I honestly think it's pretty cool. Yes it's shocking, and opinions will change you just have to give it a god damn chance.

However, it seems something bigger is at stake…

I think people are a little, threatened by this group and any other group for that matter, male or female with a sexed up image. I think they actually view these idols as competition, in the fear that they will actually loose their lover or partner over this or any other sexy vid, to which I do this:

First off, anybody with any sense knows that they have greater chances of being accepted into Harvard with a full scholarship than being with a k-pop idol. And if they don't well then what are you actually doing with them anyway? Did Tupac teach you anything? 

"If he can't learn to love you, you should leave him." -Tupac, "Keep Ya Head Up" (This goes for both males and females btw.)

If your bf/gf actually falls in love for an idol well then they're on the crazy train and you should show them this blog so if they're still crazy afterwards you can't say you didn't try to help them back into sanity.

Some of you may have level headed lovers, and fear that they may fap to this. I'm pretty sure at the end of the day, you bf/gf would still fap to you possibly over these girls. It's not impossible for a guy to think that his girlfriend is prettier than a k-pop idol and same goes for girls and their boyfriends and homosexuality as well.

Okay so say you lost your lover to k-pop. You've tried every possible way imaginable to help them back into sanity but they're gone. Completely lost and never coming back. You've broken up, you're heart broken. What do you do? It's not the girls fault for releasing a sexy video, but it's your lovers fault for being a delusional air-head into thinking that fapping to music videos is better than the real deal. Sure fapping may be fun, but almost every person I know has said "Yeah k-pop girls are hot, but I still love my girlfriend more than I could ever love some idol I don't even know." And vice versa for women as well.

You may think you're the ugliest thing on this planet. You may think no one will ever give you the time of day. You may think that no one will ever find you attractive ever. However, that's not true, because if their is one thing life has taught me: sexuality and favors come in all different taste. You're someones reason to fap. Someone may find you 100xs more fappable than these innocent girls. Who knows, that person may come forward and you can both live happily ever after, hate free and way more better. Stop hating on the people in k-pop who you see as a threat for no reason and find someone who loves you for you who has some sense dammit. Trust me, someone out there wants to bang you.

Hears to hoping you live Fappily Ever After <3

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