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I Have a Bone to Pick With You Racist-Scandal-Defending Fans

About the title, I'm talking about fans who defend racist scandals. Not racist fans who defend scandals just to clear that up. However you guy's can read to.

I'm using Seungri because his scandal had the most laughable responses. No offense to him or Big Bang or any YG artist or YG himself.

K-pop and racism, not really two things you'd quickly put together but let's face it, it does happen. As much as it happens in U.S. Entertainment.

Now we all know about Korea's blatant ignorance to African-American culture (well I want to say just American culture as a whole), and let's face it, it's not 100% the citizens fault. I want to say 50% of that is American propaganda and the other 50% is Korean propaganda. However, when you're in the entertainment industry, there are somethings that your company should, oh I dunno, enlighten you on so you won't seem so racist, yes I'm saying racist to the general public. 

From what I have read, it seems Koreans take American performers, entertainers, and politicians and associate them with America. Okay fine, those are the people who are most globally known however I hear that they think that all Americans act as they do, think as they do, and believe everything they do.

The problem with this is that, not every African-American acts like Beyonce or Jay-Z or whatever the fucking disgraces their showing on BET. That's like me looking at K-pop idols and saying: :"Every Korean looks like this, every Korean acts like this, THIS is Korea." But that would be wrong and show a significance to my lack of common sense because it's very well known that Koreans don't all do extreme aegyo like this:

Nor is every Korean doing this in the streets:

But apparently the same mentally isn't used when in vice versa. Sure Americans may love Beyonce, however there are people (like me) who really don't care at all about her. Sure Miley may be all…Miley. But not every Caucasian person walks around with a cameltoe and their tongues hanging out. 

The reason I bring this up is for one reason only: scandals that involve your oppars and noonars and dongsars doing racist acts. 

Now, let's get one thing straight. I don't know any idols personally and you probably don't either. So I am in no way calling them racist, there is a difference between being a racist and being ignorant to something that you didn't know could be offensive.

I cannot tell you how disgusted I was VIP's when  Seungri's scandal came about and they were defending the crap out of them saying "Everyone is a little racist," and "Everyone has prejudices," and "OPPAR DIDN'T MEAN IT!" 

Do I think Seungri is a bad person? No. To be honest he was never my favorite in Big Bang to begin with so lets just clear that out of the slot. But I do find his solo projects to be the most enjoyable after GDs. However there is a difference between being curious and a little prejudice about a race you know nothing about, and saying racial slurs/ and or things that can be offensive. What Seungri said WAS racist and there is no getting around that. Fans act as if they're culturally retarded when their bias says or does something that has people offended.

 I am African-American and what I hate more than another race hating on my race is my own race hating on themselves. Saying "IT'S TRUE BLACK NEIGHBORHOODS HAVE A LOT OF VIOLENT." and "THERE IS BLACK ON BLACK CRIME!"  and "BLACK PEOPLE DON'T TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES!"  Whenever a subject similar to this gets brought up and they feel their underwear bulge up. It gets way more extreme. Even though it's been proven that "black-on-black" crime is a myth and white people are just as able to kill as any other African-American. And they do. Yet no one ever brings up "White on White Crime." And I'm not defending my race, because every race is equally as shitty as the next one. Let's be honest we all have the great things about us, and we all have shitty things about us. Pretending that yours is superior is just you buying into your countries propaganda. 

However what really gets me upset is when people who have one black friend, or people who took an African American studies class in college or whatever thinks it's cool to tell other African-Americans how they should feel about certain things. First of all, you have not been through the same shit as we have. Every race has been through something different. You don't see black people going around telling the Jewish not to morn over the Holocaust, or the Japanese to not feel bad about the bombing of Hiroshima. Why? Because A. That was a tragedy and B. That would be a complete total dick of a thing to say. 

It's okay for you to not like everything your favorite idol does. Just because I love Onew doesn't mean I love everything Onew does. Just because I like Obama does not mean I agree with every single policy he passes. It is nearly impossible for to agree with every single opinion and every single thing a person does. You just can't. Every person is different and has their own unique way of looking at things rather you're okay with it or not. 

Can you still love Seungri, of course and he's even stated that being around other cullers and races has opened his mind up a lot about the world. So obviously he's grown and matured somewhat sense his scandal. Does that mean that you have to agree and defend him with every waking scandal he has? No. And it doesn't make you a bad fan. I'm pretty sure Seungri would rather have fans who are okay with feeling emotions rather than obsessive fans that are all defensive over everything, I think this can go for every idol. 

So please for the love of god, learn to think for your fucking selves and stop being annoying fucktards whenever idols get into scandals. And this goes for beyond racist scandals but all. Just because your Oppa did something wrong does not mean that Oppa shouldn't be enlightened as to what he did was offensive. 

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