Sunday, July 13, 2014

Your Bias is NOT My Bias…and For a Very Strange Reason

This is Yoonhye from Rainbow. Yes she's relevant to this article.

I find that when idols who receive a lot of hate/dislike for petty reasons (i.e. Yoonhye, Namjoo, Rap Monster, Xiumin) they become a favorite of mine just on principle. A lot of the times the reasoning behind why a person hates/dislikes an idol is extremely petty and stupid. Now Jisook is my Rainbow bias however Yoonhye got to second place because everyone seems to have something against her. When I read the online comments, it's not even worth it. 

Yes there are some people who consider this fugly. 

Hayoung is my Apink bias however everyone was calling Namjoo fugly (even though she was a cutie in "NoNoNo" and a goddess in "Mr. Chu") therefore she is my second favorite and I really like her off of some variety shows. Someone has to stick up for the poor girl. 

Funny thing is RapMon's real name is NamjooN. I guess anyone that has a name similar to him and Apinks Namjoo will be automatically hated.

I honestly don't know why people hate Rap Monster however I'm sure it's another petty reason, plus he's pretty awesome in practically every aspect in my opinion Therefore he's a favorite of mine in Bangtan. He's a dork, freak, he's my favorite idol rapper because his rapping never sounds crigne-worthy (except for when he said "Swag" in we on. *Shudders.*) And he's also pretty hot.

Yes I prefer this over Luhan.

Xiumin's gained quite some fangirls and fanboys since EXO's debut. However in the beginning a lot of hate was going towards him for being the most unattractive member and claiming he can't do shit. (Anyone who knows anything on Xiumin should know he's a pretty well all-rounder. He can sing just fine, dance smoothly, and his rapping [never really does it btw] doesn't make me want to barf.) This was mostly due to him being "fat." You know kind of like Chorong (not fat in the slightest.) Meanwhile I found his looks adorable and on variety he was quite the entertainer when he had his moments. Over the past few years he's claimed and cemented his spot as an A-List EXO member in terms of biases and looks.

Now I know you're thinking that liking somebody just because everyone hates them is stupid, however majority of the people hate these idols for stupid reasons. Without a doubt these idols have grown "more attractive" sense their debut, however people are content on disliking them on principle. There are also others who hate/dislike a certain member of a group because everyone else is doing it and international fans are definitely not excluded from this because a lot of them like a certain member just because they're popular in Korea. If they're allowed to like a member solely off of popularity then I should be able to like a member off of unpopularity. And no, I don't hate popular members. If that were true I wouldn't like Taeyeon, Zelo, Ga-in, G-Dragon ect… I just feel that somebody needs to show the bottom of the barrels some love.

I also find that when people hate/dislike a member whenever they watch variety shows or anything else with them in there, they also make up some bullshit statement of them being "rude" or "hating" or "self-pittying." Which is just dumb. All the people above are breaths of fresh air in my opinion especially when people completely overlook all of the good stuff they bring to the table.

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