Sunday, July 13, 2014

Who the Fuck Names Bangtan's Shit?

For those of you who are mind-fucked by BTS's album names meet the person responsible:

"O! RU L8 2? Is a great name for an album.", says the person in charge at Big Hit Entertainments Marketing Department.

When I first got into BTS, I have to admit, if I didn't know who the fuck they were and saw their albums in the kpop store I would laugh my ass off. Why? "2Cool 4School", "O! RU L8 2?", "Skool Luv Affair." They all sound and look like a highly illiterate kindergardener came up with the names after using the potty. 

*And of course after I bought the albums and looked through the photobook I'd be like "Damn these boys are pretty hot. 10/10 would Bangtan them all. This albums awesome too! Why does their company insist on giving them album titles that sound like an incoherently drunk alcoholic after getting arrested for pissing on a cop car?"*

By the way this is not how I got into BTS, this is just a scenario. 

However, the mind-fuckable album titles were made up for by their totally awesome and sweet album music and cool music videos. So they were always forgiven somewhat. If a person just knew BTS off of their album names, they'd think they were pretty lame.

However this fucking article showed up recently discussing BTS's new reality show. Now take note, I'm excited for the show because I'm all for more BTS exposure, but read this shit:

According to a broadcasting representative on the 10th, BTS will have their very first reality program called ‘Bangtan Boys Baby Gangster’ which will be produced by CJ E&M.

And according to some fans it won't be called that, but "American Hustle."

In the Name of Mark what in the frick frack are they thinking???????!!!!!!!!????????

I don't know which is worse.

How about "Bangtan in America" or something simple and makes sense and doesn't make me want to face palm with the force of a thousand Jimin abs washing Suga's clothing??? Anything but those two would be significantly better than those two names. 

We have a newer follower (YAY!) You know who you are, yeah girl we see you. We thank you greatly for following are stupid ass blog. A lot. We won't use the name because we don't know if you're comfortable with that so we'll just call you M&M. She claims to work at Big Hit Entertainment so I'm asking you a favor, can you please go over to Big Hit's Marketing Department and please tell them to stop mind-fucking us with the titles they give Bangtan's stuff??? Please!!!!! I'm begging you!!! You're my only hope!!!

No this is not meant with any melodious content however that article was just icing on the cake. Someone please help Big Hit out on this. 

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  1. Preach it! I was always wondering why BTS have Satan given names for everything they do!!!