Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Updated Female Bias List

I made one a in the very beginning of the year I just added a few/discovered a few/a few are too high on the list/forgot a few that I actually wanted to include but I rushed too fast. So without further a-do, a more accurate version of my female bias list. 

Before we get started here are some cute Mark gifs (from Mark2Bam tumblr.) Because he's so cute and adorable and ugghhh. I sound like a stupid fangirl. Here are some gifs:

You're too adorable…

1. Taeyeon (SNSD)

Taeyeon is dorky and fun! Also a bit of a pervert at times but I'm a pervert and cha_cha's an even bigger perve. So perverts are always welcome here. #ByunTaeCouple5Ever. Fuck netizens.

2. Luna (F(x))

What can I say, she can sing, dance, and carry her weight in the group and on top of that she has distinguishably pretty features and sweet on variety. It's no wonder Luna's managed to keep this spot on my bias list.

3. Ga-In (Brown Eyed Girls)

Ga-In has always been a favorite of mine. I like her more different messages in her songs and BEG as a group is a bit more outspoken on certain subjects. I also like how she's a visual that can sing with a good technique based off of what I've read.

4. Hara (KARA)

I've always liked Kara, but recently I've been really getting into them and they have really awesome music (love the guitar riffs.) My first bias in the group was Seungyeon, and I still love her however I found myself relating more to Hara and she shows a lot of determination similar to that of 2NE1's Bom.

5. CL (2NE1)

Yeah CL is just awesome. That's all I'm really going to say here.

6. Sojin (Girl's Day)

Sojin is just cute and quirky and simple and I like that. I also like her singing, I think she's second best after Minah in Girl's Day. She's also a SHINee fan so extra brownie points to that too.

7. Nana (After School/Orange Caramel)

Nana is lovely and I'm glad to see her smiling more. She's lovely on some recent shows like "Roommate" and she's really adorable with Bom. I also like how she's honest with herself, if you know what I mean. She's also drop dead gorgeous.

8. Fei (MissA)

All of the MissA ladies are lovely and likable however the good girl Fei get's on this list because she's always stuck out to me in nearly every MissA video and she's also a great dancer alongside Jia. I think her and Jia are some of the best dancers in kpop actually. 

9. Amber(F(x))

Amber and Taemin have both fallen victim to SM's fashion terrorist for years however that has never stopped Amber from being entertaining and a flat out jokester. Seriously, she never fails to make me laugh, and on more recent material with Got7's Mark, BamBam, and Jackson, she still is until this day. She also has a perfect birthday. 

10. Hani (EXID)

EXID's "Brain and Rose", Hani is simply entertaining and fun, she's like Amber in the sense when on variety makes me laugh. I'm guessing she's called "Brain" because she's smart (and from that particular introduction she knows quite some English.) And "Rose" because she's very pretty. Her voice is also pretty too (although Solji is like a vocal goddess.) If EXID promotes more in the future she could move up, although I hear their comeback is soon.

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