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Throwbacks: 2012 Edition

I just thought of posting some of my fave songs from 2012. They are in a slight particular order. Also this took me forever to post.

1. SHINee "Sherlock"

This is arguably my favorite K-Pop song ever. It sounds like a song way back from the 80's only with more modern twist put to them. The boys sound great, look great, and the music video doesn't have them dancing in a box. That dance is dope too. 

2. F(x) "Electric Shock"

Man this is a rocking song. The chorus is catchy as ever, the overall production is excellent imo. Aside from the video which is a bit lack-luster everything else about this song and the overall mini-album was great.

3. G Dragon "That XX"

GD's always been a favorite of mine despite all of the hate he gets. I like just about everything he's put out there and his albums don't disappoint. 2012 was a great year for Big Bang. This song is simple and not production crazy like "Michi Go." It's very pleasant for me to listen to and I find myself still listening to it till this very day. 

4. Miss A "I Don't Need a Man"

I loved this song the moment I heard it. Not only are the lyrics great but the instrumental is fucking gold. It has a Hip-Hop and R&B groove sort of Destiney's Child-ish sounding to it. Believe it or not JYP can produce some pretty stellar tracks, and with Got7 I'm not doubting it at all. This song is awesome and that's all there is to it.

5. BoA "Only One"

What a pretty flowy R&B balled from the Queen of K-Pop. BoA has a long history of solid and great tracks and this is by no mean necessary a flop track. It not only is a good song, but has a great and interesting dance to go with it. "Disturbance" was a great follow up.

6. B.A.P "No Mercy"

In all honesty, if I extended this list to 20 (and probably will) all four major B.A.P title tracks would have made it on this list. "No Mercy" is fucking awesome with big drum heavy beats and heavy guitar riffs. This song grew on me faster than both "Warrior" and "Power" and those both fucking rock. The vocals can be a bit out of place at first but fuck it after a second listen I was hooked on this shit. B.A.P rivaled Big Bang so hard in 2012 for me.

7. T-ARA "Sexy Love"

A group that got dub-step right. The robotic sound of this song give it a very futuristic feel, and the strong melody make it very listenable. This song is probably my favorite T-ara song, ever and that's saying a lot considering majority of T-ara's songs are great. I even like the rap part towards the end and it threw in some "80's Music Sound FX" as I put it. A very polished and chic track that I still replay to this day.

8. 2NE1 "I Love You"

Every time I'm in the shower I always somehow end up singing this song. Not really much to say other than AWESOME. #BullJerky4Lyfe

9. Big Bang "Bad Boy"

It sounds like an updated version of any 90's Rap Balled ever. This song brings back some major feels for me and every time I put it on I just bob my head to it and even sing along to it. The piano mixes in with the beats and the transition between the two are very well done to the point that I nearly Music-gasm. The music video is a very cool setting, being New York City and the camera work is very cool. Why the fuck is Taeyang wearing a sleeveless shirt when it's obviously freezing I'll never know, but this song is fantastic so I guess he's cool with getting the flu for the sake of it. *Tears* they give so much XD.

10. Xia Junsu "Tarantallegra"

This was a very strange song to go with a very strange video to go with a very strange person. It has this grand and dramatic taste to it that makes me want to get up and start doing hip-hop ballet O_O. Anyway I'm a huge Harry Potter fan so I guess I'm slightly biased. But then again this song is great, and I'm not even sure what instruments are used but they sound awesome. The video is very erotic and sexy, I actually like it a lot. It even has some huge chunks of symbolism in there for us over analytical nerds. 

11. Orange Caramel "Lipstick"

Ahhh Orange Caramel. They always release fun and original songs. Every OC song has some sort of nod to Spanish music. Rather that be through guitars or the horns or the general fiesta sound they have. The girls sound adorable during this track and they're not over-doing the cutesy. They aren't generic, they are hilarious. I feel sometimes OC make fun of aegyo in the best of ways. OMO OMO Em Effer. 

12. Miss A "Touch"

Similar to "Tarantallegra", "Touch" has a certain grand and dramatic taste to it. But while Xia's had a more erotic appeal to it, Miss A has a certain sexiness and elegancy to it that shines throughout the whole video. The begginning sounds like it should be used in a Stephen King movie, it was scary the first time I heard it. However this song is still great and I love the chorus. Pretty much all I can say at the moment.

13. SISTAR "Alone"

This was a very smoldering and sexy track from SISTAR. It sounds like a mix of 90's and 80's songs from the sam genre. It honestly goes right up my alley as far as songs like this go. On top of that, the title of the song speaks miles about my life. I love that butt-dance. I love their voices. I love the dancing. I even like the rap. 

14. BAP "Warrior"

Thought you'd never see it? B.A.P literally bitch-smacked us all into their debut. Everything about the song screams bombastic and it is crawling asserting dominance and rebellion. Rebellion of every other K-Pop concept at the time, and basically setting the concept for every other boy group to come in the following year. While other probably hate B.A.P for that, that is the main reason why I love them, they were a bit different. And I like different especially for when you have a kick-ass song to go with it. 

15. After School "Flashback"

Club Banger done right. Seriously you could probably bump this track at the clubs my brother goes to and none of those people wouldn't know the difference. They would be too busy foot-workin' and grinding to give a fuck about the different language because the beat is too fucking dope to give a crap about "Wait what is this Japanese stuff?" (Note I know it's Korean, trying to make a point.) And the dub-step break down actually works in this. 

16. Gain "Bloom"

I like this funky-disco song. It's very uplifting and happy sounding. The MV is great too but going into why would take longer than necessary and so many people have already done that. My only complaint is that her voice is sometimes drowned out by the instrumental.

17. BAP "Power"

This song matches it's title pretty well. I feel powerful when I listen to this song, and the guitar is awesome. The music video is pretty cool too, in fact B.A.P have never really had a low budget music video outside of "Crash" which is pretty cool because most rookies start out all cool and then make their way to just meh MVs. The only group I can think of who still have super cool videos even though they're years old is T-ara. Maybe a couple of others too but yeah they come first to my mind.

18. U Kiss "Stop Girl"

Believe almost made it onto the list to be honest however I absolutely fell in love with "Stop Girl." The song is just unbelievably catchy with some great English and an excellent base and beats.

19. HyunA "Ice Cream"

Same reason for "Stop Girl." Awesomely catchy, not sure about the English. Great beats. In all honesty they could swap places on this list and it wouldn't make much of a difference. Also the MV is hilarious in every aspect. 

20. JJ Project "Bounce"

I know some of you are planning on just clicking out of the article now. But I. Just. Really. Love. This. Song. Maybe it's the high energy and crack. Maybe it's the mix of genres (even though the transitions are not done well but I like that.) Maybe it's the fact that JB sounds amazing (also thank GOD that Jr.'s singing now in Got7, I wasn't too fond of his rapping. His singing voice is great though.) I can't explain why I like this song so much however I think it is just pure awesomeness and in all honesty, I rocked out the first time I heard it. Also JB and Jr. are so freaking adorable in this. Boy groups should shaky shaky their bootie booties more often. Not bad JYP.

21. EXO "MAMA"

Now I actually liked all of EXO's releases in 2012 (WHY THE FUCK WASN'T "MACHINE" PROMOTED?) And if this list was extended to 30 or 35 all would have made it along with Block B's songs. However I have decided that "MAMA" takes the cake. It sounds very dramatic with guitars and violins. The only downside was that this was probably the beginning of a brand new generation of crazed sassaengs. 

22. KARA "Pandora"

I honestly forgot about "Pandora" when I started this list some weeks back so yeah it should be much higher on the list sorry:/ I don't know where to start with the greatness of this song and video. The song is just truly amazing and the video is as pretty as ever. 

23. B.A.P "Stop It"

Just because B.A.P had amazing songs with a badass concept doesn't mean that they don't have some better songs using different concepts. I'll admit when I first watched this video, I was shocked. Then I replayed it about twice and jammed out to this song. Hell, if B.A.P want to be diverse, I don't care as long as their songs remain good. 

24. Wonder Girls "Like This"

I like this yo. It's bombastic, gritty, and catchy. I wonder what JYP plans on doing with them next.

25. EXO "What is Love"

An R&B ballad that is amazing is rare to find in k-pop. SM, please bring this back. I miss D.O. and Baekhyun's belting and mind loosing. Please. The flow of the music is brilliant and the lighter beats go perfectly with it. If you like this then I recommend "Moonlight" off of their "Overdose" album.

So take note that in December I'm doing the usual Top 10 with one sentence descriptions of why I like those songs. Nothing this long or tiresome. This has been a draft for like a month and a half. It took quite a long time so enjoy.

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