Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Feel Good Song and Video of the Year: "I'm in Love"

Don't expect to see Ailee in the video. I know I was sad too. However expect to see some other somethings that make you smile.

I'm not sure if you could classify this as a ballad because it's happy, however I'm pretty sure it is. This is probably my favorite ballad of the year. It's uplifting, and by the end all of the instruments are all together making it sound really beautiful and overall it's just a really beautiful song and I love it so much, so there. I'm bad about talking about why I like certain ballads.

The music video is brilliant. Ailee is not in it sadly :'(. The song is being lip-synced by some other girl however her voice is still there. The instruments you see on the roof-top with the girl are the instruments you hear throughout the track. And thank god for that! You have a drummer, a guitarist, violinist, and keyboardist. I was half-way expecting some saxophones and tuba's to pop up on the roof just to troll like in every other k-pop video that has band interments in the MV minus AOA.

However, the interesting parts of the MV are the parts that don't have the band on the rooftop. It shows camera footage of people meeting up with their loved ones at airports, and people doing good deeds and acting silly and it's overall just a feel good music video. I had a big cheesy grin on my face by the end (NO REGRETS) and shedding a tear. I like that the music not only shows genuine couple interaction, but family, friends, and even stranger interacting. It makes me want to go outside and spread money across the sidewalks of the city and watch everyone wake up tomorrow morning praising dah lawd. 

I don't know why but it reminds me a lot of every Michael Jackson song where he sends a "feel good" and "lets make the world a better place" message. Yes I think that's a good thing.

I give this song and video 5/5 accurately placed instruments. 

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