Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The 8th Stage to KPOPALYPSE's Stages of Fangirl/Fanboy Grief

Read here if you haven't read the stages already.

Denial, Pain, Anger, Bargaining, Guilt, Depression, and Hope are the main seven stages of kpop fangirl/fanboy grief. And I'm here to tell you all the eighth stage.

 Let's evaluate.

Say after years of being a netizen/koreaboo/delulu fangirl/delulu fanboy and have spent the past year going through the seven stages of kpop fangirl/fanboy grief. You're now much more mentally healthy and have even started to enlighten others on your new found hope and happiness. However something seems different. I mean even our Supreme Boss Suho_ftw was once a delulu fangirl until she found AKF. We've all been there, and she is still recovering:

I feel as if I owe my boss and others out there going through the depression stage some little enlightenment. Something that can help them dash for the hoping stage. What could that be possibly?

Yes that's right. Once you reach hope and have successfully went right through your proper treatments from Delulufan Syndrome you deserve some sort of treat. I mean idols male and female are pretty fappable. Kpop is also pretty fetish-friendly with Orange Caramel around. Let's not leave out school uniforms and cutest cuties of the cutiesLegs galore. T&A. Bad Bitches. EXO = EXO. Like something a bit more dark? It doesn't get much darker than this. BadasseryHood Badassery. Girl's Day. Big Bang. And of course some T-ara is needed. Leaving out Got7 wouldn't be doing all mighty God Mark any justice. And there's more but linking stuff takes way too much time! 

Lets help each other reach and pass hope <3

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  1. Jimin's hat says "dumbass." How ironic. For the fans, not him.