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Sulli and Krystal Are an Inspiration to Fans and Idols

I don't keep my F(x) obsession a secret. My favorite female idol group and make some awesome music. And the more I listen to "Red Light" the more I fall in love with it. Luna is my favorite member, however Sulli and Krystal have been spawning my attention more and more lately and here are the reasons why. But first, some disclaimers:

  • This is all my interpretation and opinions. Not fact. You can of course interoperate these exact things a different way and you'd be just as wrong/right as me.
  • Of course the facts about the idol industry that I talk about are pretty factual. Not much to interoperate there.
  • I am usual very subtle and "hold-backy" with anger/ranting on this blog. Reason why is because, with cha_cha here I don't want it to seem as though this blog is ran by two angry ranters and one who does research and has feelings (Lee_MiCha) so I toned it down a bit. However lately with netizens and such shitting on Taeyeon and Baekhyun some of the original rants have sort of returned and thus a bit of rambling may or may not be used here in this post.
F(x)'a two trouble-making maknae's have had a rocky road all throughout these past few years. You have Krystal who has been constantly talked about for her "rude" actions or "straight face." Then you have Sulli, who is basically being treated like a person who just got out of jail for homicide. However throughout the years they have both had tons of fans to support them. 

Now the question lies at hand: Are Krystal and Luna rude bitches? 
The anser: Nobody will ever know unless you know Krystal and Sulli personally. 

However for the sake of this post, lets poke around and these and see what's at stake.

  • Zoned out/looked disinterested in a interview. 
  • Says it was difficult to learn ice skating because he's a singles ice skater and that doesn't always apply well to couples ice skating.
  • She looks slightly taken aback when a VJ asks her if she's two-faced. Yes, they called her rude for that.
  • Looked upset during a photo-shoot with SHINee and EXO.
  • Has a "straight face."
  • Dances "lazily" on stage.
  • Looks upset during a photo-shoot with SHINee and EXO.
  • Some people from the staff said she was Mariah Careying.
  • Said "cao ni ma."
  • Radio Star being a little cunty, bring up old shit and it all hits the fan from there.
Excuses People Make

1. She's an idol, she should take responsibility for her actions.

Okay? Scratch off the fact that she's an idol. She's human. As a human and person you should always take responsibility for your actions. Did you always take responsibility for your actions? Maybe yes, most of you are probably saying no. Get over it.

2. SM Covers up for them.

That's not true. Companies everywhere try to cover up damn near everything about their idols. Don't just single out one idol and one company above all.

3. She has "princess syndrome."

Yes because having off-days and not feeling like yourself is never okay and shows that you're way too full of yourself.

I don't mean to come off offensive however, when you're dealing netizens and their bullshit, it's kind of impossible not to come off that way.

Now onto:

Why Are They Inspirations and What Are They Inspirations For?

Some of you may they are an inspiration to be pretty. No that is now what this blog is about. Some of you may think I'm referring to that, and no it's not that either. I'm talking strictly about being yourself in a world that doesn't want you to be yourself.

In the west, sure artist have an "image" to live up to. Especially if your a "teen pop idol/sensation" (see: Britney, Christina, Miley in their newbie days.) They have to bee the cookie-cutter sweet, nice, and innocent girl that your daughters will look up to. However once they hit eighteen or nineteen that shit is gone. They are no longer that sixteen year old school girl, they are simply growing up. And the west can be just as bad as k-netz when it comes to accepting a more grown up image of their favorite artist. However I will save that for another blog.

However once the majority stop slut-shaming them and accept the fact that their twenty-two now, they pretty much just either don't care or like the new image. I'm talking majority, their are still others who will hate them no matter what (and some hated them to begin with.) 

However in the k-pop world, idols have to stick to that image forever. They come in as the sweet-innocent girls when their sixteen/seventeen/eighteen and still have to maintain that image as a twenty-four year old. And I'm not talking just music, because more overt sexy concepts are becoming more generally accepted, I'm talking outside of performances and during interviews and reality shows. They have to maintain that cookie-cutter image, so having half the scandals that a quarter of western artist have for an idol, usually results in a sudden image change, a reflection period, or a line up change. Keeping up a happy image is hard when you're practically being treated like dog-shit and neglected as fuck any time you're not on camera. Companies care a lot about what netizens think, and if they don't like something, the company doesn't like something. Pretty fucked up right?

However it appears Sulli and Krystal are trying to bend the ways and fuck the status quo. You think High School Musical was "revolutionary"? Fuck that fake ass movie revolution, there is a Hunger Games/Catching Fire/Mockingjay happening right in the idol industry right under our noses. Yes Sulli and Krystal are the "Mockingjays" or "Mud Grass Horses" of this "revolution." I'm using term revolution really loosely. Idols aren't turned off for them, in fact other idols are probably high-fiving them and seeing them as their inspirations. The fact that they have their off moments and off days, and despite all of the netizen hate that they get, SM didn't change F(x). They kept them in the back and marketed them like they always have marketed them. They didn't even make them apologize. I've always seen F(x) as a whole, as this sort of giant middle-finger to how people negatively perceive idols. Especially as  females who have a real different image from the other girl groups out there. Females in k-pop are always being more ripped and torn apart more and faster than male idols and that's just fact. Compare almost every SuJu controversy to these and see how far along they made it before the fangirls were all over them again. 

And it is also pretty fucked up to judge a person who is going through what idols go through based off of a few controversies and slip ups. People always remember the bad and never the good and that's the main things with netizens: they don't know how to have fun 99% of the time and just bitch and moan over anything with a vagina that moves or looks. And majority of them have vagina's too. And not to leave out male idols either, because netizens are shooting fire at Ex-EXO's Kris. 

So Sulli and Krystal not only inspire fans to not give a fuck about the negative connotations that people may have on you based off of some bullshit they heard and to be themselves, but to also idols who may be getting over the whole "my life is great" and bullshit from some dickhead netizens. I can respect and appreciate honesty from an industry that is notorious for being fake. 

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