Tuesday, July 29, 2014

[Short Review] "One More" is My Crack

This review is so overdue it's not even worth paragraphs. So I'll just review it cha_cha style since you will miss her now that she's vacationing.

FIESTAR brings some spice to the sexy concepts.

I haven't replayed a song so much since Girl's Day came out with "Something" and BTS's "Tomorrow" we should have been promoted btw. The song is exotic with some hip-hop features in it. It's catchy as hell and has some really strong melodies that I really love. The music video is sexy in a very artsy way. With that said I really don't know what he music video's about. I think it's about two neighbors who are sexually attracted to one another so they just peep in each others apartments to try and see them naked. Not 100% sure but yeah. With that said I'm claiming Yezi as my bias in FIESTAR. I like her voice when she sings and/or raps. She's the one with the blonde hair and green pants. Speaking of pants, I want all of theirs, their pants are cute. I wonder if Tide sponsors them.

I give the song 5/5 Half-Naked Boxers.

I give the video 4.5/5 Boxes of Tide.


I like member Linzy's voice (lead vocal.)


  1. YASS! Fiestar getting that Recognition! <3

    Linzy Owns this song TBH with her Angelic voice and Long hair XD

    1. I can't decide between Linzy or Yezi tbh. All the members are great though!

  2. Well, the lyrics is about a Threesome or wanting one more round of sex (depending on what you think of it) . So, the end scene with Jei and two boxers in the bed looking all KNOCKED out and Jei chanting:

    "One More" :))

    1. Fiestar have great potential, especially with a song this good. If threesomes eqdual these type of songs, then threesomes are the best!