Sunday, July 27, 2014

[MV Review] HyunA - "Red"

Hyuna returns solo after a two-year hiatus with "Red" and it doesn't disappoint in the least.

To start off I have never disliked or hated Hyuna like some other 4Minute fans. I have always thought that she was overrated in all the wrong places. She's a good dancer. However people have always talked about how great of a rapper she is and how drop dead gorgeous she is. Hyuna is beautiful, and her rapping isn't always slap my face bad however I feel that it was most definitely blown out of proportion.

With that said I will go out and say this: I prefer Hyuna as a solo artist. I don't know why but I always feel as if she does better solo. Not that she's bad in 4Minute it's just, I don't know I feel as if I just like her more when she's solo and doing her own thing. Cube knows how to be smart with marketing, however they're terrible for promoting because the same thing is happening with Apink and Eunji similar to how 4Minute was with "HyunA and Her Backup Dancers." 

But all of those opinions aside Hyuna's solo's have never disappointed me and each one I liked more than the previous. I liked "Change" a lot. I fell in love with "Bubble Pop" and fell even more in love with "Ice Cream." However, I think I love "Red" most of all. The opinion may or may not change.

"Hopefully the opinions of netizens and koreaboos can change as well."

What I like about the song is that it reminds me of a more appropriate G-Dragon's "MichiGo" for some strange reason. It has those same weird instruments and sound effects in it that I totally loved. It just has that sort of G-Dragon feel to it. And no I'm not one of those delusional YG stans that think Hyuna is trying to copy YG. It just has that pre-2013 YG feel. Like I feel if "MichiGo" came out in 2012 or 2011 it would sound like this. Can't put my finger on it. The chorus is super fun and catchy and I think she carries the song well. The transitions actually smooth together pretty damn good as well. I like the use of an "Egyptian" break down versus a dub step breakdown. Similar to how Sunmi used a tango breakdown in "24Hours" and how Topp Dogg used a guitar breakdown/solo in "Arario." They could have used ear raping dub-step but I like the use of originality in those instead of just "WUBWUBWUB!!!"

The MV cracks me up in all honesty. Every other second their was something that had me laughing, and I think that was Hyuna's intention. Delusional YG stans are saying she's copying CL's "The Baddest Female" music video. Yeah I don't know why either. And others are saying she's copying Katy Perry because of her Egyptian set that she uses for like ten seconds that only resembles Katy Perry's "Dark-horse" MV because it's Egypitan and gold. That's just about the only reason. I wonder if Katy Perry was copying Michael Jackson's "Remember the Time" in her MV, and if CL was copying everything Nicki Minaj does in her MV's??? Did Michael Jackson copy "The 10 Commandments"??? I could go on and on. 

"I'm coming at ya like a - oh right this is nothing like 'Darkhose.'"

Anyway, if anything, the MV reminds me of Christina Aguilera's "Dirrty" with all of the implied sexual fetishes. Only while Christina's was more on the dark and gritty side, Hyuna keeps it very light and panful with quite a bit phallus symbols here and there. However it's more funny and hyper than just plain sexual. This is all my general opinion by the way. You're not wrong for saying the video reminds you of anything however just calling "Copycat" on anything that is different is just you being asshole. 

Kind of like this.

Here are some parts of the video I felt like screen-shooting. I'm going to try to bring screen shots back into my reviews. I did them a lot in the beginning. If you don't scare about the pics then skip to the bottom.

Banana's are my favorite fruit btws.

Cuddle the lipstick bullet.


HyunaCat is dominate over monkeys.

Let's have a party! A monkey, lipstick and banana party! I love those parties.

Thank you Hyuna for catering to my fetish.

Hyuna symbolizing the press and her dominance over them.

The orgy party isn't over until Hyuna says it is!

I'd love to see Hyuna do a dominitrix concept.

I know I'm not the only one.

I love the HyunaCat scenes the most.

She looks great there.

I was halfway expecting a 9 to appear next to this 6. That would have been great. 7 and 69 are my favorite numbers. Sadly no 69, I was kinda disappointed :/

I give this song 5/5 Could-Have-Been 69's.
I give the video 4.5/5 Booties Being Spanked.

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