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[MV Review] Henry - "Fantastic"

Yes I know cha_cha's birthday is today. And yes her male fap post will come right after this. I'll post it later on tonight so when she comes home from celebrating she'll have something nice to look at. She had some input in this review btws. Any input she had I'm making orange.

The Music God Henry strikes back with another fantastic (no pun intended) song.

Okay so last year SM debuted fellow SuJu M member Henry with the amazing "Trap," Which I totally forgot about stupidly otherwise it would have been high on my Best of 2013 List. A totally wicked awesome song featuring the always excellent Taemin and Kyucumber. 

It appears SM only gives a shit about SHINee, F(x), and Henry in terms of music because they have the best music in SM. Seriously TVXQ's and EXO's stuff was good, that garbage song from SuJu M was garbage and SNSD's "Mr.Mr" was alright. However SM are content with giving SHINee, F(x), and Henry the best songs as of now.

Maybe I'm being too hard on SM because according to the info Henry produced this song, along with the other songs off of the new album, by himself and with his new music peeps NoizeBank. That's really fucking refreshing, especially in k-pop where artist are just given songs to sing and have no real input in. At least Henry has some say on what he wants to put out there, and he must have God Send music taste.

The song is beautifully retro. It has an 80's vibe that I really love and the violin throughout the song makes it sound so epic and cool. It's like someone took the best of classical music and the best of 80's beats and put it together in one blend of massively good awesomeness. Henry's voice has always been cute and enjoyable and he's fluent in English so there's no real cringeworthy English from him to begin with. The chorus is really catchy and I love the bridge.

If there's one thing that I'd have to nag out about this release, is the fact that MV is typical SM snoozefest. The buildup in the beginning was really cool, and I was really digging the sort of creepy vibe of the MV even if SM did just re-vamp the maze from EXO's "Overdose" MV. It was pretty cool, and that mystery ghost chick had me thinking this would have an actual storyline. And then, when he ran into that old styled Victorian looking room with almighty violin, it had me wandering what was going to happen. Then out of nowhere Xia Junsu's clear hose from "Tarantellegra" came out of nowhere like tentacles in a JAV and…um hooked themselves on Henry like a robot. Then he starts to play and then he dances cooly in a box. I was a pure fool, a pabo, because SM are the kings of having MV's with great storyline buildups and then trolling you with a typical "dance-cool-in-a-box" MV. So haha SM jokes on me. 

The videos not all bad, I really liked the parts where Henry incorporated some cool moves into the dance, like the slide with the violin. I think his dancings really smooth. The styling is the same, if not exactly like "Trap" which I'm not really complaining because it suits him well. It's baggy 90's-ish clothing but not in an eyesore kind of way. It's subtle, simple and suits him, however I'm not sure about how I feel about the "skirt" towards the end. I thought it was weird. It's not bad at all but the styling just kind of screams "I'M TRAPPED!!!!"

Now, this is part where I gush and fangirl about how Henry has now cemented my SuJu (it was always Donghae.) If he's still apart of SuJu then he and Donghae will share, however if he decides to remain strictly solo (no complaints there) then it will remain Donghae and Henry will remain one of my favorite solo artist.

Overall this was a fantastic (no pun intended) song, and I'm looking forward to more of Henry.

  • I give the song 5/5 mystic violins.
  • I give the video 3.25/5 SM snoozefest. 
Henry is so cute. 10/10 dicks for him. Another unf birthday present indeed. 

Well we know who cha_cha's favorite soloist to "fap" to is...

If you're wandering how we edited this, it was actually easier then we thought. Cha_cha enjoys shorter reviews and I enjoy longer and indeph reviews. I feel like mine are long and boring and needed comic relief. Cha_cha's that relief, she pointed out certain areas the article that could be lightened (you'll notice the paragraph about the song is all mine) while she threw in some comical and or stronger and more blunt opinions on some matters. Then I chopped and edited some of my parts to fit hers and vice versa. I think it went better than expected and we got it done pretty quick. She told me to keep her parts real short and sweet so that's what I [hope] I did.

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