Thursday, July 31, 2014

[MV Review] Block B - "H.E.R"

I know this review is late but here it is: Block B's "Her."
To start off I kind of avoided this song in the beginning because I heard some people were calling it a more aegyo concept, and Block B+Aegyo=Shit. However once I finally got the nerve to just click play I was pleasantly surprised.

However I fucking love this song a lot. I love it more than "Jackpot" and I love Jackpot a lot. The song just has that pre-2013 sound to it that I love and it's so fun a uplifting. Also that chorus is fucking great and I can't help but sing to it.

While I like the song more than Jackpot I love the video for "Jackpot" a whole lot more. I mean a lot more. This MV wasn't bad, however it's like KARA's "Step" in the sense it has waaaay too many bright colors being flown your way. You don't really know where to look at times and sometimes you have to squint or lower the light resolution on your computer to fully get it down. However just like "Step" the song is repayable as fuck so there's that as well. Also the "Jackpot" MV was funnier in my opinion. In "Her" I laughed at Zico's ostrich and when cha_cha's bias slapped my bias. Which really has nothing to do with our relationship but I'm sure she'll figure out some sort of connection. Also the styling is…O_O.

Okay to be fair each member has their shining moments, however I'll say P.O. got the short end of the stick. His purple hair in "Jackpot" was gorgeous (maybe because I'm biased to purple) however his neon pink hair in this is an eye sore in some scenes. However his contacts grew on me, and I've decided he looks good with them. Also BLUE eyebrows????  But other than that in the individual scenes and towards the end every member looks good. Even P.O.'s hair tones down for the better.

But overall I do like this concept seeing as it's like a cartoonish concept and while it isn't as humorous as "Jackpot" was, it still has it's funny moments and funny suits Block B. Also, I see Block B are going the FIESTAR route of advertising Tide. I wonder what other idols will start using Tide in their videos.

I give the song 5/5 Boxes of Tide

I give the video 3.75 Ukwon's Slapping Zico