Thursday, July 10, 2014

Kyungsoo Looks Cute in His Movie Teasers + Nature Republic CF

I wanted to find some EXO content so I went to EXO TOWN blog and found some stuff on Kyungsoo's movie and EXO's recent Nature Republic CF. They all look so cute in this.

Here are Kyungsoo's movie teasers for his upcoming movie, "It's Okay, It's Love."

He looks pretty cute too! It appears the movie has taken a bit of tug on his body. (Not as squishy :/ )

Anyway I'm glad to EXO is still getting some promotions despite Kris's problems with SM. They get shit money for their songs and the more CF's they do (along with other idols overall) the better so they won't go down to dirt poor. I'm pretty Orange Caramel is going to get rich off of their Baskin Robins collaboration, especially since "Abing Abing" is an awesome as fuck song. 

Sorry for not blogging as much, it's summer and my birthdays coming up in a few days, plus I work so I'm either too tired or too busy to update the blog. Overall, expect more in the next couple of weeks. Until then adore another EXO CF.

A little late, but here's some behind the scenes action:

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