Thursday, July 31, 2014

I Have a Bone to Pick With YT Commenters

This is relevant to k-pop because it's k-pop youtube comments that I'm most familiar with. There is just an issue that's going around that I would like to address. You em effer's don't know the meaning of "tolerance." 

I will abuse this joke and reference EVERY time I can btw. 

[Disclaimer] Keep in mind that this isn't every youtube commenter, and that I am just generalizing here. However I've been seeing this type of mentality plaguing the international fans/YT commenters for a while. Especially when you see the same person commenting on every video and others who think they should be everyones moral compass. So take this in a grain of salt.

Now you see, I am generally very open minded, and in the past year I've become immensely open minded. Especially sense girl groups are the general targets for hatred with more overt sexy concepts, I have to be. Someone has to stick up for girl groups that are going the sexier routs, and for reasons besides "fapping" because lets just face it, although I find k-pop girls pretty and all, I'd never fap to them. Mostly because I'm a straight female. (A bit too straight if you know what I mean.)

The reason why I'm cool with more overt sexy concepts, is because I'm okay with women, as a girl myself, expressing their sexuality. Sure I may be more biased towards more sublet sexiness than the ass shaking and pussy popping however, the ass shaking and pussy popping concepts are some of the most fun and hilarious concepts yet to come. See Hyuna's "Red" if your not convinced that sometimes, sexy concepts are more or less just comedy at it's most ironic. See the previous article on the new Four Ladies trailer if you're still not convinced.

With that said, I can understand why some people may not be feeling the sexier concepts. With sexier concepts can sometimes mean slower/crappier songs. Which is understandable from a musical point of view. I mean Girl's Day singing "Gee" to the "Something" music video and concept would be just flat out strange and vice versa. So that's understandable, and not everybody who isn't 100% with the sexy concepts is not out to call girl groups slutty or skanky, they may just generally not love a sexy concept and this is from both males and females. You'll notice that majority of these people don't leave comments. And that's because of one reason:

The preacher in the YouTube comments. The parent YT commenter. The "I'm right, your wrong" commenter that should just shut the fuck up and enjoy the song/concept. Just because one person doesn't like what you like doesn't make them idiots, in fact, you're an idiot for thinking that everyone should think the same as you, and then probably claim to be a hipster. Sorry but real hipsters probably don't give a shit about other peoples opinions. 

For instance, Four Ladie's latest teasers have shown lesbian activities. Some people may feel uncomfortable because it's a new concept. People are going to be a bit shocked by this concept because the closest thing they've come to seeing something remotely lesbian is the "kiss" in "Abracadabra." However give them some time, they'll eventually get over it. 

I recommend this episode by South Park called "The Death Camp of Tolerance" (I went ahead and linked you to the episode on the FREE Hulu channel.) It's totally worth a look. You'll see what I mean. A person doesn't have to fully engross something to not be judgmental about it. Some people are cool with the sexy concept however they prefer other concepts, and each person has a different reason to like that concept rather you like it or not. And that's the problem with majority of YT commenters. They're so caught up in judging other people for being judgmental that they don't realize that they sound like somme judgmental preacher that tells everyone they're going hell for insert douche reason here. Their is no such thing as tolerance. You either love it and "it" can do no wrong. Or you're stupid pretentious prick that needs to die for not being fully "open minded." I don't know about you, but I find that to be some fuckery of logic and it's quite stupid.

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