Saturday, July 12, 2014

Happy Birthday Cha_Cha: A Bias-Fap Post

Way back in January I was really depressed and stopped posting on this blog for a bit. Then this random girl on emailed me saying that she found my blog and would love to be apart of GOK. She was funny as hell and her post gave me hope. She is who we call Cha_Cha.

Today she makes seventeen, and I'm here to present her with a present(s). If you're not into guy's then I don't suggest you look at this post.

Cha_Cha graced us with some female fanservice earlier and this is some male for our female demographic. Enjoy the eye candy if you like these idols, and if you don't well too bad. At least I know cha_cha will fap to them.

We'll start off with her ultimate bias: Key of SHINee.

I wonder what Key's old day job was.

And because I know you love his bitchface:

Busy getting fucked.

Licky likcy.

I know you'll like this.

And then there is B.A.P's Yongguk:

I just loves how he flicks off the camera cutely.

Him, Sulli, and Taemin have some awesome lips.

BTS's Suga Material:

Looks like he's receiving a blow job lol.

Da fuq! Is he on an acid trip???

Still on that acid trip I see.

Woman in the back blowing Jin. But you didn't notice that. Just focus on Yoongi looking hood-angelic as fuck

Double the suga.

I know you have a thing for YoonMin. Pictures are worth a thousand fanfictions.

Tongues are sexy.

Sorry if majority of Suga's photos are more cute (okay so most are like that.) It's hard for me because it's like watching my dad try to be sexy. Gross.



  1. Replies
    1. I was NOT ready for that picture of Key lol.
      God that picture of Yoongi looking like he's reviving a blow job is hot. I could fap to that picture alone.

    2. Yes we're all aware that you'd tear that up if you had the chance.