Saturday, July 12, 2014

Groups…Groups Everywhere!

There's a shit tone of idol groups out there and I feel like just giving my quick honest opinions on some. Yes I was bored as flying fuck.

Keeping the stickers on your hat looks really dumb. It's like if you don't know what to do with the tags after you buy clothes. Anyway I'm off topic here moving on.

No I don't hate idol groups.

1. SHINee- Great music. Would do Key. Yes I said Key. 

2. F(x)  - Great music. Amber is my favorite. 

3. B.A.P  - Great music. Would Bang Yongguk. 

4. 2NE1 -  I like their older stuff somewhat more, however their new stuff is not terrible at all. Minzy is my favorite.

5. EXO - Good music. Kai is sex on legs.

6. Brown Eyed Girls - Awesome. Love JeA.

7. Got7 - So far so great. Mark is my favorite. 

8. Rainbow - Good music. Would let Hyunyoung turn me gay.

9. BTS - Love the music. Suga is fucking awesome. Jimin is unf.

10. After School/Orange Caramel - Such great music. Love cheeky Raina.

11. Big Bang - Great music. Love T.O.P.

12. SNSD - Good music. Yuri's my favorite.

13. TinyG - Great music. I Mint's my favorite.

14. MBLAQ - Good music. Thunder is adorable.

15. Topp Dogg - Arario was genius. I like their albums. B-Joo, Hojoon, and Sangdo are UNF although all are pretty hot.

16. Apink - Songs keep getting better. I like Chorong and Eunji the most.

17. Block B - Love them. Kinky porn lover U-Kwon is my favorite. The Grease King Kyung is awesome too.

18. Super Junior - Nugu????? 

20. T-ara - Love their music. Eunjunf is my favorite.

21. Crayon Pop - Great music. Gangster Way is my favorite.

22. BtoB - Great music. Would wreck Eunkwang.

23. SISTAR - Decent music. Dasom is my favorite.

24. AOA - Lovely. If Jimin purposed I would marry her. She would have to purpose to me though.

25. 4Minute - Go away Brave Sound. Jiyoon is my favorite.

26. KARA - Great music. I love Seungyeon.

27. AlphaBAT - Decent music. I like G:amma. 

28. EXID - Great music. Love Hani!!!

30. missA - Good music. Jia is my favorite.

This is in no particular order at all. Up until Big Bang it was in order of favorite groups however after that it was just who came into mind at that moment. Some of these groups would be higher and others would be knocked down a peg.

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