Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Got7 "Got Love" Album Review

Got7 are back and their new album doesn't disappoint.

U Got Me- This literally "Hello" from their first album and Snoop Doggs "Drop It Like It's Hot" mixed together. It's not a horrible track or anything and I know why JYP made it, however they could have done more with it. It's a pre-existing track with a bit more of better back tracking. It's still as sexy as "Hello" and it was still a good way to open the album, however I've heard it before. Grade B.

A- "U Got Me" is the only real "meh" song on the album. The album picks up greatly afterwards. "A" is perfect for summer with a great vibe and damn near perfect melodies and a damn near perfect mixture of rap and singing. I find myself singing and nodding my head and dancing to it. It's very a infectious track. I loved GsGsGs however I love this a lot more. No dubstep breakdown so fuck yeah! Grade A+.

Bad Behavior- This is like "Burn" from Sunmi's "Full Moon" album, in the sense it's a club banger which I love. JB(the leader) wrote the lyrics which is refreshing considering companies almost never allow rookies to write songs. The song overall sounds super cool, if not fucking amazing. I especially like the clapping during the chorus and bridge. Grade A.

Good Tonight- This is my favorite song on the album. The instrumental as a whole gives it a 2006-2008 American dance track stomp your feet sound. Like something out of the movie, "Stomp the Yard." Their vocals are pretty in this song too. I can't really describe why I like it, it's just pure awesomeness and that's pretty much all I can say about it at the moment. It's pure awesomeness. Grade A+.

Forever Young- Got7 only has one other ballad which is "Playground" off of their "Got It?" Album and I liked it a lot. Yeah ballads in pop and r&b music are always mushy gushy lovey dovey crap put out to warm your hearts. I like mushy gushy love dovey crap (which explains my love for SNSD's "Back Hug" ooohh that songs like motherfucking chocolate.) Therefore I like this song. I especially like the other elements put into in the bridge like the little African sounding drums. Grade A-.

A (Collapsedone Remix)-  I can picture JB smiling stupidly with a guitar, Mark with a tambourine, and the rest of the members clapping around a campfire singing along to this like total dorky dorks. It has a very uplifting and happy vibe to it like "Like Oh" which I love a lot. Grade A.

A (TOYO Remix)- I have one word: sex. This song is sex. Like Sunmi's "Who Am I?" was sex. Like how SHINee's "Excuse Me Miss" was sex. This song is sex. Like how SNSD's "Show Show Show" was sex. Most recently BTS's "I Like It" (Slow Jam Remix.) This is pure sex. It has that smooth sexy vibe. The vocals and the rapping sound soooooo sexy over this remix it's unbelievable. Not a dry vagina in the house when you play this. And not to be insensitive to sexualities, if any of you guys are into other guys you're dicks will not be limp either. Grade A+.

A ( FRANTS Remix)- Any part of the song that is not brain blasting dub-step, but the cool futuristic-sounding techno is excellent. Grade B. (I like it more than "U Got Me" (worst song on the album.) However I mark it down because of dub-step on principle.)

My final thoughts are that I enjoyed the album more than the first actually. I think it's totally worth a listen, no dud tracks (unless you count "U Got Me" however that's still enjoyable.) And you may find some gems if you didn't like "A" too much. My personal fave is "Good Tonight." Overall it's JYP, so expect some quality music.

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