Sunday, July 13, 2014

Girl's Day "Darling" Review

Girl's Day have been keeping up the good songs and sexy concepts however "Darling" takes a slight break away.

The thing I like about when Girl's Day do sexy concepts is that I never feel as if I'm watching the same video over and over again. They always come back with something new and refreshing, and also the songs are also never the same at all. I think their companies doing good at keeping the concepts fresh and never boring.

So how does "Darling" stand up?

Song wise this rocks! I love the doo-wop sound mixed with swing in their! Reminds me of "Shy Boy" by Secret. I can't tell if it's jazzy though, their are some jazz influences that I hear in certain parts, but not all throughout the song. However, it sounds very 50's and it's a fast-paced, uplifting catchy song that you just want to sing along to all day everyday (Girl's Day!) Okay that was lame as hell.

The music video is very bright, poppy and super colorful and I love it. It has all of the girls day members looking beautiful and happy which is always appreciated sense they all look outstanding in this music video. They always look outstanding in every video now that I think about it.

I feel as if Hyeri and Yura are trying to improve their vocals, they've been getting more singing lines (Yura was a rapper.) She didn't rap one line in "Something" but she did sing and sound pretty decent. Hyeri's been getting more singing lines and screen time. In all honesty vocal improvement is nothing I'm against mostly so the anti-fans can shut the fuck up about insert idol here being useless. Also because vocal improvement overall is just nice.

I love this even more than I like "Something" actually. Music wise, I don't think anything can ever touch the "Something" video.

No dicks to rank the video off of. So N/A.

... Suga approves:

If you've listened to the song then you know what I'm talking about.

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  1. I like the song a lot too!!!
    Sojin needs to marry me.