Monday, July 28, 2014

F(x) Syndrome: The Opposite Sides of the Spectrum

Seems today these are the main comments on F(x):

"F(x) sucks anyway. Who cares if they promote. Their fans suck and have no right to complain on their mistreatment ect…"

"F(x) fans are the worst. My [SNSD], [EXO], [SHINee], [TVXQ] oppars/unnars are way better than these rude bitches!!! You F(x) fans have nothing to be whining over in the first place because you guy's suck and are always whining about how SM treats them!"

"I hate this new girl group. They're taking away from my F(x) unnars/noonars."

" Fuck you SM! You treat F(x) so bad!"

And they both suck major ass for not so different reasons.

Let's take a look at this super accurate and scientifically correct picture that showcases the many stages of F(x) syndrome.

For those of you "Pure Love F(x)! F(x) FTW!" - "Don't Like Them Not an anti though." This article is not directed towards you. 
*Yeah I know the spectrum has some flaws. Just pretend its perfect. Like your bias.*

The main people who complain about F(x)'s fans have it easy to begin with. Majority of them are SNSD, EXO, SHINee(mah fave boys) and TVXQ fans. Basically other SM stans. And of course they have nothing to worry about so it's easy to point the finger at the underdogs.

Sure it's super easy to say "F(x) fans are complaining for no reason. Stop hating on the new girls just because no one cares about your shit group." While that is kind of true, it's easy for them because it's not their favorite group that could very well about to be thrown in the trash. SM scrapped promotions and schedules for F(x) even though they promised that they would have a longer promotion cycle. Netizens bullied Sulli into hiatus and just after all of this shit storm of shit, they release a trailer for their new girl group, Red Velvet. 

And this is where the opposite end of the F(x) Syndrome Spectrum kicks in. Saying that they "hate the girls and think they suck", and "that it is really sucky for SM to focus on debuting new groups that suck when they could be focusing more on F(x)" and "making things right."

And they suck just as much as their opposites because these girls do not deserve all the hate that they are receiving and they're acting like SONEs. F(x) fans, we're supposed to be better than SONEs, don't fail me. If you liked this group and song support them, they've worked hard too just like F(x) did. If you want someone to launch out against, these girls are not it. But then again, SNSD and any SM artist received a lot of hate when they were about to debut and now look at them. So I guess it's kind of normal. 

Now you see the issue. 

It appears that no one is rational. SONEs, EXOtics, SHAWOLs, and CASSIEs are going at F(x) fans throats. F(x) fans are going at Red Velvet's throats. It's all a big mess. 

What I'm trying to say is, stop bitching about F(x) fans bitching because SM gives all of you other SM stanners the world. It's easy for you to see what you want to see because you're on the outside looking in. SNSD, EXO, SHINee, and TVXQ fans have nothing to worry about because EXO's stuff from earlier in the year has practically blown over. SNSD are just dating. SHINee are SHINee and TVXQ is doing their own thing. 

But then again, F(x) does have the best music in SM and in my opinion the best in k-pop right along with SHINee. And Red Light is a kick ass album that is just as good if not better than the iconic Pink Tape. Which was an excellent follow up to the great Pinocchio. Not to also mention that their mini-albums and the Hot Summer Repackage were good too. Plus "Red Light" is a pretty amazing song and one of the best, if not the best of the year. So I guess there is a lot of good SM is doing with the group. Since most of SMs releases this year have been meh to okay to good. The only awesome release  was "Red Light" so, there's that. In my opinion they are the most consistent girl group in k-pop. 

Hmmm maybe SM is being all that bogus to them. Just make them release more awesome music okay SM?


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Pretty much summed up in this picture:

If you see it on tumblr it's because I put it there.


  1. LMAO @ the Red Light Spectrum! As much I wanted the Red Light Promos to never end, im not gonna waste my time bashing the new girlgroup( as if girlgroups don't already get enough undeserved hate..)
    "But then again, F(x) does have the best music in SM and in my opinion the best in k-pop right along with SHINee. And Red Light is a kick ass album that is just as good if not better than the iconic Pink Tape"

    ^^^^^^YASSSS SPILL THAT TRUTH TEA F(x)/Shinee are no joke my favorite groups in Kpop b/c they keep it consistent! Like put of all the sm combacks this year didn''t even compared to f(x) Red Light<<<<<<<<Mr.Mr.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Overdose
    While it's f(4) now,SM might as well start producing that Luna Solo( so she can avoid the basement till their next once-a-year promtion)

    1. Glad you enjoyed the article :D
      I feel bad for the new girl group however I hear almost all of SM artist receive a lot of hate before they debut. Then comes the love afterwards.
      As much as I do like Mr.Mr. and Overdose F(x) takes the cake, eats it, and then makes another one just to take it and eat it again.
      I WOULD LOVE A LUNA SOLO!!! She's my bias and can pull off anything!!!