Saturday, July 12, 2014

Female Fanservice #3: AKF Wishes Me Happy Birthday

I turn seventeen today and on Kpopalypse's Newest Article On Stage Presence a conversation on our Kara biases started. After seventeen years with the help of Kpopalypse Oppar and AKF Oppar I finally understand how 1% of the male brain works. AKF wished me happy birthday:

Which is pretty jjangbak indeed. Hell, the blog is pretty awesome. He linked me some pictures of three of my major female biases and I'm going to share them all with you in this oh so happy happy birthday edition of FFS (Female Fanservice.)

Pictures after the jump.

Here we have Rainbow's Hyunyoung, who was actually the was the first female idol that I wrote a female fanservice on.

And next Kara's Seungyeon. Who not only can carry a tune but is also crazy hot. See Kara's "Speed Up", "Pandora", "Jumping", "Damaged Lady", "Step" MVs/Era if you're still not convinced.

And EXID's Hani who you all know I have a girl crush on. No surprise here, she's awesome.

Three girls who can sing and are hot??? Kpop has these? Oh yes and their gems.

Note, these pictures are larger however like a lot of pictures on this blog we have to put them on "Extra Large" instead of "Original Size" because they'll cover too much of the blog. So click to enlarge for your viewing pleasure.

And these are just some extra's of each girl I had in my computer.



I didn't really get on AKF until December, and then started becoming a commenter in like February when I joined blogger and GOK. When I read the article about the first Kara break up (because I honestly didn't know much about it) I found this gif. I thought it was nice and went back to retrieve it. Shout out to AKF.


I found this on Soompi but it says Girl Gif so credit whichever. 

So you see our male demographic (yeah we read statistics we know you read sometimes.) And our girls who are into girls I'm giving you guy's presents on my birthday so we can be happy together! Knowing Suho_ftw, she better is going to make a male fap post dedicated to my male biases later so our ladies and dudes who are into other dudes won't be left out either! 

This so far has been a very happy birthday and it's only four hours in. Nothing better than seeing lovely people, like the ones above, having fun being Gods and Goddesses. Peace out and thanks again to AKF for the Happy Birthday Wish!

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