Thursday, July 10, 2014

Another Appreciation Post? Yes. It's Joon Time!

I've done appreciation post or something close to that for just about everyone on my bias list except for Joon. It's his time to shine k?

Bear witness to the beautifully hot MBLAQ member Lee Joon.

He's high up their for attractiveness and has remained a strong contender on my bias list, not just because he's hot but for also being entertaining, having a pretty voice, and sticking up for girl groups. A statement I will continue to beat you over the head with for all eternity. 
The interesting thing about Joon, is that I find his best physical asset to be his face, and not his abs at all. There are probably only three pairs of abs that I actually like in k-pop (Suho's, Jimin's, and one other person who I forgot.) I find Joon's abs to be scary as hell.

Then again, I've always had a thing for layered clothing. 

Also MBLAQ's usual emo-extreme eyeliner looks suits Joon like how After School's concepts suit Raina. It's either hit or miss. When it misses, it misses. But when it hits, dear Jesus does it hits!

At first glance you have to warm up to the starkness of MBLAQ's Hot Topic concepts on him however after like two-seconds I was 100% warmed up onto this picture.

And then there's the lighter "Smoky Girl":

However in these recent (pretty sure they are) pictures of Joon wearing nothing but a baggy ass red sweater that reminds me of something I'd wear during Christmas, honestly takes the cake.

Christmas sweaters have never looked better. Ever.

Yeah like I said, I find layered and sometimes baggy clothing more attractive on people than the fitted/tight gear (i.e. high waisted shorts.) I don't know why, I just do. So yeah, I love these pictures of Joon, and yes I'll have a "major" article coming out soon.

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