Tuesday, July 15, 2014

[Album Review] F(x) - Red Light

Did the k-pop's most consistent girl group (in my opinion) match up to the perfection of Pink Tape?

If anything they not only matched, but leveled up on Pink Tape. Seriously, this album is liked the weird experimental stuff from Pinocchio (which I totally loved), mixed with the extreme pop of Pink Tape, mature it and then let it marinate. Out comes probably my favorite album of all time.

It would honestly be a waste of time going through, track by track, and reviewing each track because you'd just be hearing me repeat myself over and over again. So I'm just going to leave you with some observations.

It appears SM have music marketing in the palm of their hands. SNSD and SuJu are known as SM's pure pop groups, while F(x) and SHINee are known as the ones who experiment with a more stranger sound of music. Therefore those who like the pure pop sound will go for SNSD and SuJu and those who like something more grand and unique sounding will go for the SHINee and F(x) songs. However, just because you are a SONE or an ELF does not mean that you totally dislike SHIN(x) and vice versa obviously.

So far the album has been receiving a lot of love, and for a good reason. Solid album and for those of you who hate ballads will probably love it seeing as there are no ballads to be find and the only one that comes close is the last song "Paper Heart" and that's upbeat as hell and has a beat faster than 90% of other k-pop ballads. 

*No, I don't hate ballads*

Those of you who love ballads and hate dance tracks, I don't recommend this album, however I recommend you do give "Paper Heart" a listen. Who knows, you may actually like this album. There are exceptions to everything believe it or not.

Haters to the Left, Mud Grass Horse!

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