Friday, July 25, 2014

According to Data This Will Be Our Most Successful Post.

Our most popular articles are the ones where we're swearing/ranting, talking about how hot idols are, biases, trolling and ass. 

You mean to tell me that all of this professional shit we're doing on this site is not even worth it? 

Following this logic this should be the most successful post on this site. Let's test this theory shall we?

In Shit That Makes Me Want to Swear and Rant News

Netizens and Koreaboo's need to do like cha_cha told the YG stans in the last post to do and please SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! Seriously I am so frustrated with these so called "fans" online trying to dictate what idols can do. Seriously, idols don't go parading around calling you fucktards and dumbasses and telling you to read more often even though they have every right to because you probably suck more ass than you probably think. Now you've literally bullied Sulli into a hiatus and have the absolute audacity to bitch and moan about it when you were one of sole reasons as to why she left? What kind of fuckery is this?

In Idol Hotness News

Got7 Do a Recent photo-shoot for Oh Boy! Got7 are really hot so enjoy.

lol @Camoflauge jumper. Youngjae is so cute.

Source is Got7's Facebook.

And to not be unfair to sexualities, Sojin has one or two things to offer.

Sources go to Anti Kpop-Fangirl and 

In Bias News

Taemin is Making a Solo Debut! Taemin is my second bias in SHINee and my eleventh bias overall. Knowing Taemin it will probably be a dance track, and something that he can show some of his awesome moves too. 

Here are some pics of TaeMan for the hell of it.

NomNomNomNomNomNomNomNom. Looking forward for his solo.

In Trolling News

Speaking of this, TaeMin shared an adorable photo.

Taehyung+Jimin=TaeMin. Enjoy this cuteness!

In Ass News

I couldn't find no recent ass news :( So I'll just post some less-recent ass.

That's Onew being the hottest thing in kpop right there. Doesn't get much better than Onew in  tight pants stretching. +100000 to the person filming this fancam for getting the best angels.

So there you have it, collecting data and then testing theory like a [not] real scientist!!!

*NOTE Netizen Stupidity and Bangtan are pretty popular too. I incorporated them.*


  1. Adding my vote here in the hope that your theory is correct.