Monday, July 28, 2014

4L (4 Ladies) Teaser

In Korea's strict society where supporting LGBT rights are looked down upon this is shocking in a good way. These ladies had balls ( or ovaries???). As much as "Abracadabra" was praised it was also ridiculed for speaking on all forms of female sexuality and the less rational conservatives had a field day ragging on it. In all honesty, I wish these ladies luck in the hopes that they won't get ragged on and netizens won't be such dicks (or vagina's???) to them. But then again, that's like asking water to not be wet. Let's just hope they don't get too much hate mkay?

With that said…

However, this video gives me hope (don cur if itz a false hope) that Jimin(BTS), Xiumin, and Onew can one day put out and MV of them sandwiching the fuck out of each other, while Jungkook, Kai, T.O.P and Jonghyun pour honey over each others bodies as RapMon and Yongguk fiercely make-out and Zelo and G-Dragon bathe together. Of course once all of them are legal that is (note I'm the same age as Jungkook so it won't be THAT long). That would be the MV of the century.

Anyway Jimin, Xiumin and Onew are hot as fuck:

10/10 would bang watch them sandwich each other.

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