Tuesday, July 1, 2014

3 Sentence Reviews: "A Midsummer Night's Sweetness", "Double Kiss", "A", "Short Hair", "Mr. Ambitous", and "Nice Body"

June has been a busy month to say the least.

1st Review: San E, Raina - "A Midsummer Night's Sweetness"

San E and Raina collab with a sweet R&B track. I honestly love it a lot and I think Raina's vocals and San E's rapping works decent enough with each other. I'm not just saying that because Raina is my AS bias I actually like it. The MV is pretty cool to. 4/5.

2nd Review: Lena Park - "Double Kiss"

Lena Park went for a more 60's/70's rock and fun inspired song and I'm loving it. I can really "rock out" to this song and I like the interesting effects to it. The MV is pretty cool too and very original however if you're color blind or have epilepsy I wouldn't recommend it. Overall great song. 5/5.

3rd Review: Got7 - "A"

Suho_Ftw already raved about this song in a separate review. I probably love it more than she does (if possible.) It is perfect for summer to blast at the beach and the MV is very fun, playful and not inside a box for once. Also, the piano-melody sticks in your head for days. Does Mark get any lines from the odd English? If not then JYP made it up to us Mark fans by giving him a lot of screen time. Still, I'm watching you JYP. Best part of the MV @ 1:54. 5/5. 

4th Review: AOA - "Short Hair"

I like this song a lot. I don't like it more than Miniskirt but it's still a good release. Some fuss was made over the MV, but I think it's about when you've had a bad day at work (Not doing your best, difficult customers ect…) and you feel you need a new hairdo to bring your spirits up. It was actually pretty funny to me and the AOA girls looked great. 4/5.

5th Review: MAMAMOO - "Mr. Ambitious" 

Rookie group MAMAMOO release a jazzy swing track and it's fucking awesome. It reminds me of some 50' and 60's songs only with some modern twist in them. The MV is like a combination of Lee Hyori's "Miss Korea" mixed with some color themes of "Hairspray." I'm honestly glad to see more rookie groups like Kiss&Cry and MAMAMOO come out with great vocals. Also I really dig the rap a lot. Also those outfits are to die for. 5/5.

Final Review: Hyomin - "Nice Body"

This is basically Miley Cyrus's "We Can't Stop" only Korean and easier on the ears (and I actually liked that song.) Hyomin's always been my T-ara bias and I actually like this song, a lot. It has a breezy summer feel and I don't know why but it sounds really reggae. The MV doesn't really go anywhere and I haven't read the lyrics yet so I can't really tell you what it's about so just keep singing "Nice Body." 4.5/5.

Bonus Review: MAMAMOO - "Don't Be Happy"

I know this song came out in January however it completely missed me and I knew nothing about it. With that said, I love this song… ALOT like wholly shit it's awesome and that jazz bit  was real sweet. This was lovely and beautiful. Arguably the best song on the list after "A." 5/5. 

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