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You're Trapped - Why You're Wrong When You Talk About Gender Equality *Using K-Pop and Other Stuff*

Hello everyone! I'm back with another long post, this one will be a doozy however I will make it interesting and thought provoking enough to get your attention. So get your popcorn out for this one.

This is Henry Lau from SuJu M and also the talented singer of the amazing song "Trap". Henry doesn't really have anything to do with this topic, however I love him and I think he's adorable so he's going to add color to this blog post. Screw the ELFs who dislike him for (insert bullshit-ass excuse here) he's awesome.

Moving on, everyone knows the absolute terrible excuse for music in my opinion, Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines."

I dislike the song and video. Why are three very good artist with a history of great songs involved in a song and video so far beneath them George Zimmerman and Adolf Hitler would deem it shitty? I don't know. Anyway a lot of people felt this way "Love the song, hate the video." "Love the video, hate the song." "I love both." Or like me "I hate both. What the fuck is this planet coming too?" *Plays anything else* "Ahhh much better."

Sorry if your ears have been raped. Here's a classic Tupac tune to make up for it before go into the point of this blog.
After washing the trash out of my ears I watched a much better parody which lead me to an even better parody:

After laughing a bit I checked out the description and this is what started my upward spiral to having my small fifteen-year old eyes into the world of Non-Pseudo Feminism. 

That made me think, and at the time I probably didn't even begin to understand it until that fall when I can across a little website known as Anti Kpop-Fangirl

At first I didn't like the website because of any post involving Hyoyeon ever pre-2014. And also it just seemed like ignorant bashing. However eventually I came across a few articles that were actually insightful, with sulli_fag being the comedian and Kpopalypse being the brain of the group. It's a pretty good blog, I'm not saying it's amazing (the idea of it is though) and truth me outside of the other two authors I mentioned, very few others actually spark my interest (occasionally Ajussi and the new authors will have interesting post along with AKF.) But it taught me one thing that YouTube comments under any girl group video won't: the idea of Pseudo Feminism. 

This was really prevalent with the new use of sexy female concepts in this year. I remember my first time thinking hard with this article by Kpopalypse. But sense you're probably lazy and didn't read the whole thing I will summarize this up as quickly as possible.

The girls who look at girls in K-Pop who have sexy concepts (Hyori, Ga-In, Hyuna, T-ara, Girl's Day ect…) and say "They shouldn't do that! That is degrading and disrespectful for women to act in such a way! I am a feminist I know what I am talking about." Are not feminist at all. However the women who are okay with expressing their sexuality are. 

Now some of you may see that and think I'm bullshitting so I'll dumb that down even more with an exact quote of the article:

"Who is the real feminist in this situation - the person who thinks female bodies should be shamefully covered up, or the person who thinks they should be proudly exposed?  The person who wants to earn money for herself or the person who wants to stop other women from earning money for themselves? If K's hypocrisy was a chocolate mud cake, how sharp would the knife need to be for you to cut it and give a slice to your grandmother?  Do arguments about "exploitation" even apply when it's you exploiting yourself?  Isn't exploitation supposed to be wrong precisely because the person supposedly experiencing it is not the one in the driver's seat?" (Note I still don't get the knife-cutting thing but whatever.) 

Now of course women are not the only ones who hate on sexy concepts, Bill O'Reily has taken part in hating  as well:

And I'm sure he's not the only man who does this. 

Now I don't like Beyonce however I feel for he on this subject because well, Bill O'Reily is on Fox News. Whenever Fox News talks about any race issue you can guess that any sort of intelligence that may rest inside any of the shit-domes those people call brains will be totally excluded. 

It's honestly too easy to pick on Bill O'Reily however I will talk about TYT in this. I haven't watched that video is a while but I do remember there being a heavy infuses on "She's having sex with her husband!" However I wonder, if she weren't married and made the music video of her and a boyfriend (or evens stranger) then would they give a crap? Since it's TYT I'll say they'd probably have the same reaction but people are full of surprises these days.

Anyway, my point is men do this whole "hating on sexy concepts" thing too. Yes AKF, fanboys are just as capable of being sexist haters as much as fangirls. 

I remember a comment under that TYT video saying that the reason some people don't like sexiness in music videos is because it puts more of an emphasis on a women's body than her personality. And yes, I agree. Most sexy concepts just put sex out there. I can see why people like it and I honestly don't care as long as the songs are good. But as I've said in articles before I don't mind sexy concepts, I can just appreciate the ones more that get the point across without trying so obviously get me to masterbait. Which is why the pseudo-feminist who hate on the women who can do that and actually have ideas in the messages they want to portrait in feminism (like Hyori and Ga-In alike) are stupid. "U-Go-Girl" was a perfect satire on insecurities. While most people were confused because the lyrics were saying one thing while the music video said another, other people got the message just fine.

View lyrics here.

Not to mention that Ga-In's "Bloom" which talked about basically every aspect of female sexuality and a women's sexual desires got shit on a lot for…talking about every aspect of female sexuality and a women's sexual desires. By people who claim that they're feminist.

Ga-In always get's talked about for her more serious music videos because they don't fuck around or sugar-code anything. Meanwhile me, EYK and all the other Ga-In fans are grateful for her existence in the K-Pop industry. 

And then this quote will always ring in the back of my head:

"It's both technically possible and biologically inevitable for most people to be both a fully-rounded person AND a sexual object at the same time and if YOU think that's shameful or not right or impossible then that says a hell of a lot more about YOUR sexism, slut-shaming, virgin/whore complex and wanting to bend the will of others to your own narcissistic way of thinking than it does about anything that I believe.  Tsk tsk you fucking pseudo-feminist social-concern-trolling hypocrite." - Kpopalypse, 2013

However, we are now entering the opposite end of the spectrum which will bring us back to the original point that I was trying to make from the description of the "Burred Lines" parody before. This is what I like to call Pseudo-Equalitiest. A person who has put women on so high of a pedestal that they degrade men as bad as Pseudo-Feminist degrade women. 


Now where have I heard this before? OH YEAH! Any commenter ever under the Stellar's "Marionette" music video. This one really gave me a laugh:

Sexism, racism, and bad grammar all rolled up into one. How nice.

But you see my point. Although the person who's talking about BTS has a point about if girl groups did it (And F(x) and Rainbow have done it btw's.)  The only time I find lifting up a shirt gross is when you have a rib-cage. Believe it or not I don't like abs at all. I only really find it attractive on very few people but that's just my opinion. I busted out laughing when BTS flipped their shirts up during "We Are Bulletproof Pt.2" because it was so caught off guard in the mix of the choreography:

What sluts. Their mother's should be ashamed of them.

I'm going the pull an AKF and say, if you want rock hard abs go to Muscle Magazine if BTS doesn't meet your abs standards. To a lot of people they exceed their overall standards, others just like their music and don't bitch about how ugly/unfit they think they are because they have other stuff to do with their time. 

***That gif is so distracting right now :O***

In a nutshell, Pseudo-Equalitiest are people who claim to be all for equal rights, however bash on men/boy groups whenever they get the chance to. The thing with people who fight for equal rights is a lot of them tend to claim that they are all for equal rights and that men and women should have the same privileges, however they are quick to call men disgusting pigs that walk the Earth. They hate men and in the subject of something like K-Pop this can occur and does. People will call them faggots, bash their music, and give them death threats because they might be dating their precious noona (see Eunhyuk and IU's controversy. Both got threats.) 

Believe it or not I have heard and seen so many people say "I feel bad for girl groups. They get slut-shamed while those boy groups get away with everything! (Not.) Fucking stupid boy groups, I hate them so much! They should all just die ect…"  Yes I've heard that, while members from actual boy groups have sticked up for girl groups who have been criticized for being "revealing."

And on top of that while when a problem stirs within the group, if it is a girl she is innocent pure angel and a victim of bullying. While if it is a boy then he is lacking determination and lazy (see Kris.) If that doesn't scream "WOMEN ARE PERFECT! MEN ARE SCUM!" or just Pseudo-Equalitiest then I don't know what does. 

So you see, you are literally trapped when it comes to the topic of gender equality. Most people who talk about this stuff isn't that intelligent on the matter, and most people you talk to are either going to be a Pseudo-Feminist or a Pseudo-Equalitiest. And I'm not saying that I am an absolute genius on the subject and have a degree in Sexuality form the K-Pop College of Gender Equality. However, I know for a fact that a lot of people want something, and when you hear them speak it is not gender equality that they want.

Okay, I owe a big thanks to my co-author Cha_Cha for providing me some links and content so as a thank you to her I give her this recent Suga selca:

It  fuels her fetish's of legs, thighs and Suga. 

And for those readers of you who stuck around until the end and are into chicks:

K, I'm gone bye bye!

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