Thursday, June 19, 2014

You People Disgust Me

Something EXOtics and SONEs once staned so hard is now being held Medieval punishment.

More after the fucking jump.
Read it and weep:

You'll noticed I mixed in some sweet ones to make it Bittersweet. 

This is so disappointing. I expected more from you people! Tae and Baek are fucking people you morons!!! I understand it's hard when your bias starts dating but Jesus you don't have go and attack their significant other. You guy's need some mental health.

It appears I'm #1 of the ten people who are trending #BYUNTAECOUPLE all over twitter. I support them and I hope they do great as a couple. 

Scary Fangirl Shit in 3…2…1

Taeyeon should hire me as a bodyguard or something. People are giving her death-treats and even BamBam supposedly unfollowed her on instagram and left a :( on his bio thingy. If any of those deranged EXOtics lay a hand on my Unnie's pretty face shit is going down motherfucker. Same goes for Baekhyun and any deranged SONEs.

Baekhyun's a big fan of Taeyeon's. So you know he'll treat her well. Taeyeon seems like a sweet girl and she'll make him smile. I'm with you guy's.


  1. No c i do not like them dating get the fucking hell out of here
    They do not fit each other especially in age,i wish taeyeon date people other than bak
    so i'm not fucking supporting them. I know it is not nicer but the truth is the truth
    FFFFFFFUCKING broke up before more shit happens


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  2. you people are fuck in the head. I don not like to say this but taeyeo geti a new boyfriend he does not fit you!!!!!!!!!!!!! The ps are so true but no she will make him smile fuck no what with sex

  3. lady!!!!!!!!! :(