Wednesday, June 18, 2014

V/SISDFOE/A #3: Ludacris "What's Your Fantasy?"

Remember the article I did a couple of months ago with Benny Benassi's "Satisfaction?"I'm doing another and this time it's the iconic "What's Your Fantasy?" by Ludacris:

[Mini-Rant] I'm sorry VEVO is such a dick. I really am. But this is the only decent quality version of the video YouTube has to offer. I'm truly sorry for the inconvenience. VEVO is a dick. 

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*Yes I abbreviated this series*

This song was big back in 2000. Yes I was alive back in 2000. Apparently it caused such a stir with "the younger crowd" that it got banned from schools. That didn't stop kids from singing it though. You have to admit, the songs pretty damn catchy and the base is pretty fucking sweet. I'm listening to the instrumental now and that's even interesting enough. It's classic Luda: dope and freaky. 

Why do I think this would be enjoyable and amusing, because it's Ludacris. Which is what his songs and MV's are all about: pure goofiness, good, and wholesome-ish ludicrous. Something that would fit well with the summer mood. Plus it would be interesting knowing your idols fantasies. Admit it.

Some rappers I would deem cool enough to star in this remake male and female:

1. Rap Monster from BTS (See the song about him beating-up pussy and tell he isn't a made for this song.)
2. T.O.P from Big Bang (Obligatory)
3. Ilhoon from BtoB (See "Beep Beep" for further persuasiveness. Surrounded by booty.)
4. Mark from Got7 because I fucking said so.

1. Way from Crayon Pop (She's gangster as fuck.)
2. CL from 2NE1 (Obligatory)
3. Hwayoung [EX-T-ara] (She needs some love. I think her voice would suit this track. Plus dem bathtub photos.)
4. Jiyoon from 4Minute because I fucking said so 

Random Sexy People that Will Appear in the Video:

1. Seungri and his towel (We all love that towel.)
2. Suzy and her Sprite Powers (Product placements=Ca$h. Did you SEE that Sprite CF???)
3. Jimin (BTS) and his Abs and Suga (Do I even need to explain?)
4. Jimin (AOA) and her Ass of Angels Clan[Thanks Kpopalypse] (See Mini-Skirt and Short Hair MV for further notes.)
5. Key and his diva-ness (Gotta have a diva)
6. Hyuna and PSY (Obligatory)
7. Some Korean Comedians
8. BlockB and their Porn (I <3 Honesty)
9. T-ara because they want to support Hwayoung (Yeah I went there.)
10. F(x) and SHINee because I fucking said so
11. Nicole and Jinyoung. (Since they left Kara, they're probably looking for some work.)
12. Any other idols I couldn't fit into this list because I'm lazy or couldn't think of any so leave them in the comments down below if you please.
13. SISTAR (Cuz yeah)

Of course the video will be similar to Luda's in the sense it will be bright and summery while also being humorous. Instead of being filmed in the ATL it will be filmed in some Seoul areas and blah blah blah some outdoor bathtubs with bubbles because yas. Slap it all together and you have some crazy, sexy, good shit.

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  1. I've been singing this all day thanks to you!