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Suho_Ftw's 10 Male Biases

Yay! I did my female biases back in January now I'm back in damn-near July to make a males list! *Avoids bricks being thrown.*

No suspense (or maybe a little) to who my ultimate bias is K-pop really is. Let's get started shall we?

1. Onew (SHINee)

A bias some of our new followers may be shocked by. Onew is simply easy to like in every way, and hard to not fall for in terms of a bias. He's entertaining and funny plus sweet. With strong eyes and cute-heart shaped face along with those killer thighs he's honestly the most attractive idol in my opinion. He doesn't top the list in any SHINee list unless age is brought up. He's out-shined by Jonghyun to a lot in singing, Taemin in dancing, Key and Minho when it comes to rapping (doesn't do it) and visuals to the general public. I'm fine with that because it makes him "the jack of all trades" in this sense. His voice is of course unique to me, being that it's thick and fully of honey. It's perfect for when you want to sing someone to sleep.

2. G-Dragon (Big Bang)

As Big Bang's resident leader and pothead he's so high on this not just for being cute and having an adorable smile but for making some great music. I've liked just about everything GD has put out in both Big Bang and solo projects. He's like Onew in the sense he's a jack of all trades seeing as he can sing, rap, and dance however GD is a bit more recognized in his works. He's not afraid to wear some crazy shit (it takes a lot to wear Jeremy Scott) which makes him one of my favorite fashion icons because screw it, I'm no expert I'd wear it too. He makes it work and that's what I like.

3. Zelo (B.A.P)

D'awww the first maknae on the list! I fell in love with B.A.P back when they were nugu's and Zelo stuck out to me with his fast rapping and ramen hair. The more I got into B.A.P the more I learned how random, and a talented dancer he is and the fact that dem' mochi cheeks (he has chubby cheeks) are to die for. He's also notorious for pissing of Himchan which causes Yongguk to get all defensive. It makes me lol in all honesty. It's a shame we only got to see him with black hair for a few seconds in the "One Shot" video. Seriously Zelo looks hot with black hair. (I can say this we're around the same age.) But blonde and other colors suit him well too. Overall Zelo is just an adorable little person. And I use the term little very loosely because her literally towers over his hyungs.

4. Suho/Xiumin (EXO-K and EXO-M)

Sense EXO K and EXO M are two units that make up one, this is not cheating. Fact.

The two oldest members of there separate groups. Hmmmm. Just now noticing that. Anyway I've always liked Suho's voice. A lot. It had a sort of angelic character to it, while also being light and carrying a tone that I can always point out. I'm glad it's getting a chance to finally get a little bit more play in their latest release of "Overdose." He's does resemble Siwon a lot. Only shorter and with softer features. Not complaining though because Suho is so hot that he hasn't even showed his abs in two years probably because of all the new EXO fans that would die. He gives so much *tears* *sobs* *sniff.* Moving on to Xiumin who's the hyung of hyung's in this group. He's just simply perfect. Yes, I like his singing, rapping, and smooth way of dancing (singing and dancing more. Although I did like his sub-rapping in "Growl.") Perfect baozi features that are adorable and gorgeous at the same time. I like his more meaty/muscular body. These two are great to me.

5. Zico (Block B)

A month doesn't go by when Block B are in some sort of shenanigans, but I bet that's where they get the concepts for their videos. Everyone always looks at them as f they've committed some sort of crime against humanity, so what do they do? Commit crimes (poorly) in their music videos. It's honestly kind of ingenious when you think of it. Similar to how T-ara were robots in "Sexy Love" back in 2012 with the Hwayoung scandal. Anyway, Block B are a group filled with escaped crazy-house people and Zico is in no way an exception of that, and that's one of the main reasons why I and other friends like Zico a lot. Aside from actually being able to rap Zico's also composed some pretty cool tracks and his mix-tape was awesome. When they came back with Seven Seasons I saw a new and cooler Block B and I was happy they weren't disbanded. I also like the more honesty of the group which was shown when they discussed their porn stash's on some radio show. Zico was all into it (XD.) I give you a slow clap Zico, you seem like a pretty cool dude.

6. Mark (Got7)

You right now: "THIS HOE AINT LOYAL!"

Me: This is my first male bias list ever so comme des fuckdown. No one got kicked off, people just got added and switched around. 

Yeah you're either thinking one of three things: 

1.)"Who is Mark? Who is Got7? Who are these Nugu's you K-Slut???"

2.) "YAAAASSS!!!" 

3.) "How dare you?! Didn't Got7 debut like last week?" (No they didn't…)

Now that you've calmed yourself down I can go into why I like Mark so much. Got7's album was so awesome I spazzed throughout the whole process. Their music was very nostalgic for me and I loved that, and the first person to catch my attention (well all of them did) was mostly Mark because of his back flips in the GsGsGs mv. Also his and BamBam's parts where they rap is my favorite part in the song because it's not so repetitive and I actually liked the sound of it. Then I started watching them on variety shows and he instantly became a favorite of mine very fast. Seriously, he's just so fucking adorable. It's hard to put into words in all honestly. You'll be shocked that I rank Mark third in terms of looks in Got7 just after Jackson, Jr, and Youngjae and above JB, BamBam and Yungyeom although I wouldn't mind getting any of Got7 at all. Watching Mark and Jackson practice their marshall-arts tricking is also very awesome and entertaining to watch. It is also worth a mention that he's full of fan- service which will not help him get knocked down on the list. 

7. Jungkook (BTS)

[Insert Sarcastic-Kpopalypse voice talking about Way from Crayon Pop.]

Jungkook get's on this list not because he's attractive or any of that other boosie crap. No, no. Jungkook get's on this list because he's a ride or die playa. You think Rap Monster (my second bias in the group) is running shit in BTS? No, RM is too busy being ridiculously hot to run shit in BTS. Look closer, the dude running it is none other than Jeon motherfucking Junkook, with Jimin as his right-hand man/bottom-hyung/pimp assistant. Hyung asks a question? Fuck yo question! He'll walk away from your pathetic ass.Tell him to go play with his friends? Fuck friends! Money is his only true friend. Ask him for a spectacular introduction? Fuck yo introductions in the ass! "I'm Jeon mother-fucking Jungkook. I'm done. Bitches already know who I am." Also he's really cute. He has rabbit teeth which are just adorable as fuck. Plus he's the jack-off all trades but masters just about all. I'd Bangtan him. Bow down peasants. *If you took 90% of that above paragraph seriously, don't.*

8. Ilhoon (BtoB)

I had no idea who BtoB was until early last year my friend raved about their songs. I skimmed and decided that their songs were pretty awesome, however I kept on recognizing this one member. Then remembered "Oops" by G.Na that had him rapping everywhere through that track, and then I remembered that name, Ilhoon. At first I doubted that it was the same Ilhoon and thought it was just on coincidence. However I revisited "Oops" and title said otherwise and then I looked at that video and yup it was Ilhoon. I remember loving his rapping and then after hearing it 1000+ times in other BtoB songs I was like "Yeah, that's my bias." Funny how that worked out actually. He's also really funny (that Frozen remake was gold.) He reminds me of Chanyeol in the sense he can act reminiscent to a crack-head when it comes to humor. He also has an oddly distinguishable face, a strange mix of soft features and strong features. Like Suho only not Suho. He resembles U-Kwon from Block B a lot. I don't know how to describe it but it works very well. 

9. Lee Joon (MBLAQ)

Joon has been on my bias list almost as long as Onew and he's one of those idols that will probably always be on the list. I honestly really like his singing, especially in MBLAQ's new song "Be a Man" which is awesome and still my favorite song of 2014. He's also very entertaining and funny to watch on variety shows and he's also said stuff pretty level headed. Joon's a bit smarter than people give him credit for, I especially liked his quote when he spoke about how it's unfair that he can, *gulp* remove his shirt and that's okay but girl groups get judged when they wear clothes that are revealing. At first I was confused because Joon stated before that MBLAQ got in trouble for a live stage because he showed his shoulder, but I think that was before this interview. Bottom line: I like Joon a lot. Also he's really hot and makes me thirsty and I'm going to draw the line there. 

10. Xero (Topp Dogg)

No that is not G-Dragon. And this is not Zelo:

You can guess the great confusion on my face whenever I watch Topp Dogg's videos. I thought I was seeing some sort of optical illusion where G-Dragon and Zelo took turns in Topp Dogg because they weren't busy and needed work to do. But nope it's a completely different person that looks like the love child of G-Dragon and Zelo and the named him Xero because fans aren't confused enough as it is. Also there's another member, B-Joo who resembles Zelo as well so lol. Anyway Xerox Machine gets on the list because Topp Dogg have some pretty good music and their first album is great too. Cha_Cha linked me "Arario" and dude that's going on my favorite songs list of all time. I love it when traditional oriental instruments mix with hip-hop rap music because majority of the time, it's done right. I'm listening to the album right now and it's excellent so far. However Xero always stands out to me in every video. And in a group like Topp Dogg, where every member has distinguishable features, that's saying a lot. He's also a dancer and I have a thing for K-pop dancers so more brownie points. He has a certain cute-badassery about him, it's kind of like why Mark is my bias. Can't 100% put my finger on it.

YAAAAYYYYY!!!! It's done!!! Those are my male biases.  

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